Stream Tracks and Playlists from DISCOS DROPA (lo-fi). on your desktop or mobile La calle del zodiaco – La iglesia, El hacha, El niño rata, El pastor de la flia. Stream Frank Jr y Los humanoides asociados / Osergorp by DISCOS DROPA (lo- fi). from desktop or your mobile device. Robin-Evans would follow the trail of the Dropa to its origins, and was able to take a , the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner ran an article about the Dropas.

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At first it was suggested that these might be the remains of an unknown species of mountain gorilla. Wonders in the Sky: No taller than 3 ft. The men, women and children of the neighboring peoples Ham hid in the caves ten times before sunrise.

Karyl Robin-Evanswho helped bring the story to the western world. The Russians, who have examined some of the discs in a Moscow laboratory, claim to have made two important discoveries. An archaeological expedition, led by the highly respected Chi Pu Teidiscovered a number of unique cave burial sites. The Caves Chi Pu Teia professor of archaeology at Beijing Universitydirected the archaeological survey of a series of interlinking caves. Articles containing Chinese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December In Tsum Um Nui Chinese: UFO encounters in the Far East from ancient times to the present.

When at last we understood the sign language of the Dropas, we realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions”. For many it would represent one of the greatest discoveries of the century, and change everything they perceived about their distant past and their origins as a people.

When buried in the earth, the minerals change them to be multi-colored. Once there, it is said that they were scraped for loose particles and put through a chemical analysis which revealed that they contained large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. The Earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars were there, and all were connected by pea-sized dots. His visit with the Dalai Lama was legendary, and provided a wealth of information on the reclusive, unique tribe of people.


He did so, but he had only a Polaroid camera with him. A 21st Century Discovery of Chinese Archaeology. Many researcher feel that the Dropa stone disks are definitive proof of an alien race that “came from the stars.

A reference to the Dropa and Dropa stones is found in the July edition of the German vegetarian magazine Das vegetarische Universum. The Legend In the Russian scientist W. The Russian Zaitsev, who has spent 30 years collecting evidence that intelligent beings from outer space have had contact with the earth, believes that the discs may give substance to ancient Chinese legends of small, gaunt, yellow-faced men who came down from the clouds many centuries ago Each disc has a central hole and irregular grooves spiraling out to the edge, but the report says quite seriously that the groves are not sound tracks.

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By faith, diecos domain and any other living, thinking beings came from the one God worshiped by Christian and Jew alike. He announced that he had deciphered them into a story that told of a spacecraft that lso landed in the area of the cave, the Bayan Har Mountainsand that the ship contained the Dropa people who could not fix it and therefore had to adapt to Earth. In the years since the discovery of the first disk, archeologists disos anthropologists had learned more about the isolated Bayan-Kara-Ula area.

The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat. They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises.

Dropa stones

Dalai Lama with Dr. Return to The Dropa. A final total of such plates were found, and each held its own mystery. Vyatcheslav Saizev describes an experiment where the discs were supposedly placed on a special turntable whereby they were shown to ‘vibrate’ or ‘hum’ in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge is passing through them.

The Riddle ” Riddle of Asian Stone Discs from Outer Space ” original newspaper headline Russian archaeologists are puzzling over a remarkable collection of stone discs, thousands of years old, found in the mountains bordering China and Tibet. Shortly afterwards he is said to have gone to Japan in a self-imposed exile, dgopas he died not long after he completed dropxs manuscript of oos work.


The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies and were so ugly and repellent that they were hunted down by local tribesmen on horseback.

dgopas Tsum Um Nui is said to have published his findings in in dropad professional journal, and was subsequently ridiculed and met with disbelief. The interconnecting dots could possibly portray the routes traveled by the ancestors of the beings in the graves or might have been drawn to show the outerspace origin of the ones who perished there in the cave Secondly, when placed on a special turntable they hummed in an unusual rhythm like an electrical charge was passing through them.

The Story Behind the Masonic Order. The strange, spiral script told how the peaceful intentions of the ‘aliens’ had been misunderstood, and how many of them were hunted down and killed by members of the Ham tribe, who lived in the neighboring caves. The stone discs were supposedly stored in various museums across China.

Lionel Fanthorpe; Patricia Fanthorpe; P.

The Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula – they came from the stars

It was obvious that the pictures were meant to be a map or chart of some kind, and that they were created by intelligent beings. Inwhen Hartwig Hausdorf was in China, he asked the current director of xropas Banpo Museum about the disks and was told that they had disappeared. The grooves, upon closer inspection, were not grooves at all, but a continuous line of an unknown writing!

As recorded in the Soviet magazine SputnikDr. Lolladoff claimed to have bought the disk in Mussorie in Northern India and that it was supposed to be from a mysterious people called the “Dzopa” or “Dropa” who had used it for religious rituals.