A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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The Pearl/Volume 11/Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It. – Wikisource, the free online library

In this short sketch of my adventures it would be impossible to describe everything at great length, but I can assure you the ladies fairly exhausted the gentlemen before they allowed themselves to be driven home to dinner.

One thing I ask of you, dear Walter, is to fancy you are enjoying Beatrice Pokingham when you are in the embraces of some future inamorata. Open Preview See a Problem? My Best Friend’s Hot Mom.

I was infatuated and conceited with what I considered my clever drawings and several admonitions and extra tasks as punishment had no effect in checking my mischievous interruptions, until one afternoon Miss Birch had fallen asleep pokjngham her desk, and old Penn was busy with a class, when the sudden inspiration seized me to make a couple of very rude sketches; one of the old girl sitting on a chamber utensil; but the other was a rural laey of her stooping down, with her clothes up to ease herself, in a field.

Trivia About Lady Pokingham T There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Would you like us to take lday look at this review? She seemed to take a great fancy to me, and the second night I slept with her we had a small room to ourselves she kissed and hugged me so lovingly that I felt slightly confused at first, as she took such liberties with me, my heart was all in a flutter, and although the light was out, I felt my face covered with burning blushes as her hot kisses on my lips, and the searching gropings of her hands in the most private parts of my person, made me all atremble.

He placed his lamp on a small table at the foot of the lxdy, so that the room was now excellently well lighted, then seating himself on the bed he opened his dressing-gown, showing his long limp prick, and taking the pair of them on his lap, they sat on his naked thighs; whilst he kissed them, thrusting pokinggham tongue into their mouths, or handled and compared their two charming pricks.

If Alice ventured to tap at the door it was fastened inside, and admittance refused; the keyhole was pokingha closed it was useless to try and look through that way, but it occurred to my little girl that perhaps she might be able to get a peep into that place pkingham mystery if she could only get into a passage which passed behind Mr.

The Pearl, An Erotic Classic

This is a strange fancy of mine the writing for your perusal a short account of some of my adventures ; but one of the only pleasures left me is to indulge in reveries of the past, and seem to feel over again the thrilling emotions of voluptuous enjoyments, which are now denied to me; and I hope the recital of my escapades and follies may afford you some slight pleasure, and add to the lasting regard with which I hope you will remember me in years to come.


He looked at me in a curious kind of way. The title should be at least 4 characters long. All were stripped to the buff. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. The first four years of my school passed away uneventfully, and during that time I was only in one serious scrape, which I will relate, as it led to my first taste of a good birch rod.

He completed the conquest of his victim’s virginity, and then lay soaking, and trying to revive her sensibility by his lascivious throbbing inside of her, whilst we pokinghan salts and restoratives to bring her round.

Reuben lighted a couple of the candles, then turning to his companion, who was lying on the bed frigging slowly his standing prick, as if keeping it in a state ready for use, said, “Will, it’s time His Lordship was here now, what a good job I broke away from you just now, or you would have spent and spoilt all; he likes to see us looking ready and randy, but if he thinks pokinghaj have been fucking or frigging by pikingham he would damn us, and bolt off in a rage.

Lady Pokingham by Anonymous. Just then I caught a glimpse of her face, which was usually pale, but now flushed with excitement, and her eyes sparkled with unwonted animation. Life On Board A Yacht. With a last kiss on the lips as they parted, and Mr.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

James’ Square, I found that Lady Montairy had brought an invitation from the Duchess for us to spend a few days at Crecy House before our return to the country.

She was speechless with surprise, her eyes fairly started with affright, and I hastened to reassure her, “I’m your friend, dear Lady Montairy, your secret is safe with me, and I pikingham you will not make any remarks in connection with myself and Lothair. Don’t you wish me to read, Alice? With an effort he slightly shifted himself, so as to remove her hand lower down pokinghaj to the thigh, as he answered as gravely as possible feeling assured Alice could know nothing: With the utmost apparent innocence, her hands touched him casually, where she hoped to feel the monster, but only resulted in feeling a rather soft kind of bunch in his pocket.

Three Chapters in the Life lqdy Mr.

The Pearl/Volume 1/Lady Pokingham; or They All Do It

Where’s your eyes, Mr. I struggled and contracted myself as much as possible, and having previously well bathed the parts in a strong solution of alum and water, he experienced as great tightness and difficulty in penetration as if I had really been a virgin.

How do babies come? Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. I can’t express her raptures, my movements with the instrument seemed to drive her into ecstasies of pleasure, she almost screamed as she clasped my body to hers, exclaiming, “Ah!

You’re just in time for a most important ceremony. It was in, I was gorged to repletion, spending, sighing with delight, almost before he could make a move.

The gentlemen will be at the clubs. Pokinghan executors settled everything, whilst the ;okingham earl, to show his appreciation of their services in furthering his interest, made most lavish provision for James and the two youths, as he afterwards told me that he considered they helped him to the title and estates a good five or ten years before he could reasonably expect to have come into them. Lady Bertha, who was poklngham coolest of the company, at once wiped all the sperm off her sister’s belly with her fingers, with which she lubricated her crack; then taking hold of His Lordship’s affair, directed it properly to the longing gap of love.


Up betimes next day she told her lady’s-maid she was going to enjoy the fresh air in the garden before breakfast, ladg then hurried off to her place of observation, and scrambled through the window regardless of dirt and dust, took off her boots as soon as she alighted ladyy the disused passage, and silently crept up to the glass door, but to her chagrin found the panes so dirty as to be impervious to sight; however, she was so far lucky as to find a fine large keyhole quite clear, and two or three cracks in the woodwork, so that she could see nearly every part of the place, which was full of light from a skylight overhead.

Printed for the Society of Vice. Miss Pennnington, with a grim look of satisfaction, now took me by the wrist, just layd Susan, a stout, strong, fair servant girl of about twenty, appeared with what looked to me a fearful big bunch of birch twigs, neatly tied up with red velvet ribbon. Enslavement for a Divorcee. The desire for a really good fuck had been consuming me for some days, and I could not resist the llady, however immodest it might seem to him, of putting my hand upon his glorious engine of love, and directing it into love’s harbour myself.

What is the parsley bed, the nurses and doctors say they come out of? I can’t bear it! William again locked his door, whilst Alice made good her retreat to prepare herself for breakfast.

Just as I was whispering to him to keep quiet, lwdy heard a match struck in the next room, and applying ourselves to the holes, were much astonished to find Reuben was not alone, there was the butler’s assistant, a rather tall fair youth of sixteen, for whom we had never reckoned in our calculations; he had always such a cold, reserved respectful manner, even to James, that we never for a moment gave him a ookingham as likely to be mixed up with His Lordship’s amusements.

Subpages Pages with override author. By using this site, you agree to the Pokinguam of Use and Privacy Policy. Aldegonde and Montairy are both keeping themselves in reserve for the grand ceremony of to-morrow,” she replied; “what weak things these men are; as if we wanted to be kept in reserve. Poor girl, she did not live long, and in thoroughly enjoying her few briefs years of butterfly life, pokinhgam can think her wicked!