The latest addition to my website is Orhan Pamuk’s Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind). This is Pamuk’s labour of love, a hymn to. Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik hem bir ask hikiyesi hem de modern bir destan. Orhan Pamuk’un uzerinde alti yil calistigi roman, bozaci Mevlut ile uc yil ask mektuplari. A Strangeness in My Mind(Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik) (Chinese Edition) [Orhan Pamuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since his boyhood in.

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It is witty and ironical. Bernando Sujibto I saw something very special about long-social transformation of Turkish rural-urban life then this tuhatlk focuss on urban life with a witness of …more I saw something very special about long-social transformation of Turkish rural-urban life then this novel focuss on urban life with a witness of Mevlut eyes.

The true brilliance of the novel, however, lies in the choice of protagonist and central narrator-Mevlut. It is the author’s ninth novel.

A Strangeness in My Mind is imbued with ornate insights into the changing urban landscape of Istanbul and economic character of Turkey: Refresh and try again.

I had not felt ruhaflk attached to Melvut before then and, really, it was the women becoming more of a presence in the book that made it take off for me Melvut’s wife, Rayiha, their daughters, and Rayiha’s sisters. Parts 1 and 2 are two different days in the life of Mevlut when something important happened. The clouds, the rain, the restless sea, and these fragments of the past assembled in a pastiche imbued me with the same huzun I feel when I read Pamuk or the saudade I experience when listening to traditional fado.

Mevlut was tricked by Suleyman who wants the younger, pretty ‘Samiha’ for himself.

His novel The New Lifeabout young university students influenced by a mysterious book, was published in Turkey in and became kafamxa of the most widely read books in Turkish literature. For me, none of his works can eclipse My Name is Red and I always recommend it. As usual I’m a typical historically-oriented reader when reading Orhan Pamuk’s novels including this latest one bid it more distinctly introduces to us how urban transformations in Turkey were.


A Strangeness in My Mind

The book like many Pamuk books includes also an index of characters and a Chronology of events. Mevlut himself is a passive observer rather than active participant in these various developments – as his father says, overly optimistically, “No one will bother a poor boza seller and his son, anyway.

This novel also has characteristics from Dickens’ realism and also from the picaresque novels of the 18th century.

View all 4 comments. That was why whenever he spoke to the walls, advertisements, shadows, and strange and mysterious shapes he couldn’t see in the night, he always felt as if he were talking to himself.

Trivia About A Strangeness in Another interesting thing of the way this book is structured is the narration. I appreciate Pamuk’s discretion and feel that his choices of when to zoom in and out of focus are near perfect. Blindness from Novel to Film, by Carolina Rueda by. Through the daily life of ordinary characters, the author has the amazing talent of describing the social and political history of Turkey and how the city of Istanbul has changed during the twentieth century.

One hell of an amazing page novel!!! All these characters are his friends, his family, and people from his close environment. He does not bash you over the head with bigness. Essays and a Story Istanbul: Whittle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved on December 5, We follow Mevlut’s life from the time he is a boy of twelve until tuhzflk is a man of fifty-five. The Puterbaugh Fellow by. Return to Book Page. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The real subject of the book is the city itself – Pamuk chronicles its expansion, modernisation, political and sociological changes in great detail.

I was swept away by the awesome visuals. Hardcoverpages.

A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk

jafamda He treads the streets of Istanbul, catering to the palates of a few dedicated boza drinkers, devoid of material longings, comfortable in his solitude, like a dervish. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mevlut’s story involves a large cast of friends and, particularly, relatives and the cast could get confusing particularly as his father and uncle married two sisters, and Mevlut himself then marries his cousin’s sister in law but Pamuk aids the read with a chronology, family tree and even a detailed index.


For this reason, although I enjoy fantasy, I did not enjoy The Lord of the Ringsin which females are icons on pedestals rather than playing an active role, or Moby-Dick or, The Whaleor Das Bootin which females have no place at all.

Mevlut walks at night – tuhafpk to sell his boza. Retrieved from ” https: His depiction of urban sprawling and shanty towns reminds us of many other cities.

Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik

Combine new edition and add missing information 3 10 Aug 18, Want to Read saving…. He has told the story of a street vendor taking almost pages while maintaining the readability and have discussed issues such as poverty, struggle of middle class women, illegal construction, and Capitalist, Marxist and Islamist divide in the backdrop of a fallen empire.

He has been writing to Rayiha since seeing her sister at a family wedding – his cousin Suleyman has tricked him into addressing the letters to the “wrong” sister, but it soon becomes clear that Rayiha is the better match. Boza is holy,” said Mevlut.

The Mookse and th I know, and understand, Mevlut better than some of my friends and family. A Conversation with Ronit Matalon. But as Pamuk said in an interview: Already established as a a major writer with his brilliant novels My Name is Red and Snowhe has produced in A Strangeness in My Mind a masterpiece that is both a Bildungsroman of Mevlut the street vendor of boza in Istanbul and a Bildungsroman of the mod Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is Turkey’s best-selling writer and first Nobel Laureate, but he is more than a talented Turkish writer.

I …more It’s a type of drink made of corn. He went on to graduate in journalism from Istanbul University, but never worked as a journalist. I love urban centred narratives by nature, there is certain buzz to a city that I find intoxicating and you cannot get buzzier more chaotic and more urban than Istanbul.