El Diablo en Los Ángeles. Don César de Echagüe – EL COYOTE | José Mallorquí Figuerola | Letras Populares. Novela de José Mallorquí () publicada por Editorial Molino en Tras destapar El Coyote los crímenes de Clarke, en especial la. José Mallorquí FiguerolaakaJ. Mallorquí, José Mallorquí, Leonor Del Corral, Amadeo Conde, Carter Mulford, J. Figueroa CamposFather of Eduardo Mallor.

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Coyote wore a black mostly illustrated as dark blue, also in the comics — and sometimes brown Mexican, decorated charro costume. The original novel numberEl hogar de los valientesand its sequel, takes us back to aroundbefore Jr.

California was incorporated into the US in as a result of the Mexican—American War — after some turbulent years as part of Mexico and even twice as a short-lived independent republicand registered as the 31st State of the United States in Two other characters, though, knew – Ricardo Yesares and Matias Alberes. A Spanish pulp novel serieswith stories from Californiapublished by Ediciones Cliper.

El Coyote de Jose Mallorquí: Coleccionismo

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She became aware of Coyote’s double identity by the end of the very first written novel. Behind his facade he doubled as El Coyote, a masked vigilante hero and defender of the weak — fighting for freedom, honesty and justice. Dime novel detective Nick Carter debuted in Tarzan was introduced inand Zorro found its way to the public inbut El Coyote became even bigger — in Spain.

Julian died just prior to Guadalupe’s marriage.

Ediciones Cátedra

The latter derived from his short novel El Coyote written under the pseudonym Carter Mulford. The novels were not always strictly chronological. Views Read Edit View history. Cover illustrators were not always identical to inside illustrators.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jr marries Wallace unknown first name and they go to Spain for a honeymoon, where a son James is born, who becomes Jim Wallace “subbing” for Nick Carter in Spanish Molino pulps.


Soon after the U. The Scandinavian covers presented a relatively large mask illustrated by Harald Damsleth. The early “Coyote” novels were published in 16 countries in nine different languages. The stories continued the mythical traditions of Robin HoodDick Turpinand The Scarlet Pimpernel — published inwhich was the very first popular novel with the “double identity” plot.

In Mandrake debuted, and the Phantom comic strip The Phantom in Some of the very ep comic strip superheroes were Buck Rogers introduced inDick Tracyand Flash Gordon in The novel series mostly comprised the years from December and with Cliper number 6 from early to around All three started out as some malolrqui of enemies of Coyote.

In the novels there were of course also a lot of villains – Coyote’s worst and toughest enemy probably was Robert Toombs featured in Guadalupe and its sequels around Published in Spain, they originally consisted of volumes — — the last titled Alias el Coyote in March The figure of El Coyote would become the main character of more than novels and ed: They settled in Washington in although later often visiting California.

He “officially” returned in Decemberdescribed in the very first novel, El Coyotealthough operating as El Coyote in California several times before that, secretly leaving Mexico during his years abroad.

Some illustrations show only one revolver with ammunition belt and holster — others two revolvers on one holster. The novels a Cliper edition already in [8] – and the comics – were also glued in nice collections and sold in hardbound “limited bookform” Forum jse one with all its novels, [9] and also one with the comics. The most famous comic book or strip hero is Superman originated in and commercially published in Although the Extras, numberedand the Extra-Especial no number at all — 6 pesetas on Ediciones Cliper — all issued during the very first years —46 — did not have any of the other first novels’ issue numbers, they have later “entered” the numbering — just like the “Nuevo Coyote” series which was originally numbered on Cliper.


Edmond found out Coyote’s true identity in late – and Beatriz probably a bit later. Several of the novels’ characters appeared coyoye the series. Literary characters Series of books Fictional characters from California Fictional American people of Spanish descent Fictional vigilantes Characters in pulp fiction Western genre characters Fictional gentleman thieves Fictional outlaws Fictional characters introduced in The two adventurers later “rode again” in further pulps in the long-running Dos hombres buenos Cid novel series around volumes from for several years also in a radio show.

Retrieved from ” https: The illustrations on the Scandinavian editions, by Harald Damsleth[44] are by many ranked as the finest. They married in during an almost two years period of Coyote retirement.

El Coyote (character)

Coyote had some interesting early allies friends. Actually only 47 of the 51 Swedish flagged novels were issued so the flags at La hacienda tragicaLa ley de los VigilantesAl servicio del Coyoteand De tal palo El Coyote the Coyote [3] is the name of a fictional character very similar to Zorro El Zorrothe Foxalthough acting several years later when California had transformed to be a part of the United States’ “Wild West”.

Former civil war spy Ginevra St. He also had a knife — and a rifle, a lasso and a Mexican sarape on his horse — and he wore gloves. Batman and the original Captain Marvel entered in Simultaneously published were 10 Numero Extra —including a reedited version of the original pulp El Coyote issued as Edicion Cliper Extra 0 in and the Especial of noted below no numbering at all.

Finland had 78 volumesmostly with Batet illustrations. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat