Current devices. UMG 96 / UMG 96L change on: pdf. UMG 96RM .. on: pdf. UMG PA Module on: pdf. UMG S2. Janitza UMG 96S Modbus Four-wire Universal Measuring Device UMG 96 S I, U, kW, kVA, kvar, Wh, varh, F and power factor – now buy online with ease from. Universal flush-mounting measuring instruments of the. UMG 96S product family are mainly designed for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems.

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To optimize our services and offers we would like to ask you just one simple question.

It’s completely anonymous and takes less than a minute to answer. Installation manual German and English File size: User manual Prophi German File size: User manual ProData 2 German File size: Janitza datasheet CT German File size: Rogowski current transformer and measurement transducer.

Janitza Manual Graphical-programming German File size: These equipments and power analysers help you gain a comprehensive overview of your energy supplies and introduce the correct measures. Jaanitza power quality is also monitored according to the general valid standards e.

Software and IT solutions In the field of energy management, the processing and analysis of energy data and measurement data for electrical power quality is the main focus.

All important measurement data should be able to be documented without any interruptions in order to be able to find reasons for production breakdowns, manufacturing problems or quality defects. Products for industrial data communication The respective communication systems are necessary for the development of extensive energy management systems. Stromwandler, Spannungswandler und Sensoren Obviously currents of several hundreds to thousands of Ampere cannot be directly digitally measured.


Power factor correction PFC and harmonics filter Hmg electrical power networks, ranging from the industrial electricity network through to office buildings, system perturbation occur when operating electrical and electronic loads.

Monitoring systems for distribution networks Secondary substations are increasingly becoming intelligent crosspoints: They take on tasks from simple reading, fault location, interference detection and power quality analysis to complete remote control or even automation.

Services After we have developed your technical solution, executed it and commissioned it, we continue to support you further: Training of your personnel, maintenance and support of the systems, regular training for safe handling of energy management, power quality and our products and system solutions, on-site power analysis of existing systems. Short product overview Energy and power quality measurement products Our services.

Umb projects and case janifza Janitza electronics GmbH offers a collection of know-how based application notes with focus on power quality monitoring, power management and power quality solutions.

Furthermore case studies and reference projects will be jaitza in the application notes. Large database of know how In our large knowledge database you will find everything about valid standards, harmonics, transients, flicker, kmg transformer, and much more.


Quick-help Our first place for the most support questions.

A large database with frequently asked questions and all contacts of our support team are at your fingertips. Product brochures and information material Do you need additional information about our products? Do you want to order a product brochure? Everything you need at a glance.

Brochure request Support contacts Operation manuals. For more than half a century now.

UMG 96L / UMG 96

Learn more about our history and products. Quality management and certification Quality is for Janitza electronics a benchmark which clearly tells how far our products, solutions and services fulfil our customer requirements. Whether these requirements target technical features, reliability, user friendliness or the product price is of no matter. The four fundaments of our quality strategy are product- personal- solution – and process-quality.

Our ultimate ambition in this process is highest possible customer satisfaction with cost optimized processes. Applications Energy and power quality measurement products High availability through 3-in-1 monitoring.

UMG 96L / UMG 96

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