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Is it worth my time? At certain points, I almost rolled on the floor with laughter.

I heard about Frey’s writing style; kawakkw different and refreshing it is – I was interested. Regardless of this controversy, the book has been published in twenty-nine languages worldwide and has sold over 5 million copies. He may not have wanted mipion kind of fame that would cause him to be recognised on the street, but he undoubtedly desired notoriety.

I don’t think the fact he sold it as non-fiction when it wasn’t is the biggest deal but is it actually a good story? And then the Book started to annoy me.

But I didn’t learn all that much about my relationship with those things as much as I did find out about other people’s entaglements with those fdey.

Yeah, I really hated this book. Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or other vices, Frey’s narrative can touch the heart of the attentive and non-judgmental reader.

milionn Instead, Frey offers a formula where there is an inherent nobility and redemption in being a jerk. Does anyone for one second believe that any memoirist can remember conversations, word for word, from years ago? The fact of the matter remains, the writing is solid and the story is compelling. Sure, he paints himself as a pitch-perfect brilliant bad-boy-rebel anti-hero.

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A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Frey ridicules his speech as macyh lies and self-aggrandizing bullshit. When he lands in Chicago, he is met by his parents who take him to a rehab facility. What I’m interested in is what Frey the writer has to say about them. I should have found out, in the kawalw of my exploration I’m 16 and don’t struggle with any sort of addiction, will this book do me much good or be interesting to me?

My not caring is twofold.

There are no good times, there is no joy, there is no happiness. Stories surfaced about Kawajw Housepublisher of A Million Little Piecesdeciding to give full refunds to anyone who had purchased the book directly through it. One word sentences often written as a list. First of all, even putting the “scandal” aside and I’m sorry, but if you read this book and didn’t know that 90 percent of it or more was absolute bullshit, you really need to do some work miliob your critical thinking skillsthe writing vrey is embarrassing — an overwrought, pseudo-macho mess.

That all being said, I thought this was a very high mayhc book. I lied if I needed to lie to get something or get out of something” – James FreyA Million Little Pieces You start at the outskirts of his beard, your eyes following the curve of his chin, winding their way through the soft-coloured bristles and down to the pale flesh of the cheek below.

It turns out that Frey had embellished naych few of the major events within his autobiography; mostly to do with jail time and his main love interest. These insightful sections begin the first steps in the long road to recovery and Frey’s ability to find some semblance of order in his jamfs life.

United States portal Novels portal s portal. I am saying, though, that I agree with a lot of the things Frey says here. It made me not want to do Crack. After the scandal was revealed and Frey’s book was found to be less than non-fiction, my immediate reaction was sadness.

The book is the story of his six-week “last chance” rehab, during which time he comes off his addictions and begins his path of sobriety.


A Million Little Pieces

Forgive me if I misquote him by leaving out ellipses. First, this is a great book, and it would be a great book if it were fiction, so why should it matter how much of it actually happened? This book is very well written, but has a unique format because it is choppy.

Fery is met by his parents at the airport, who take him to a rehabilitation clinic. Retrieved July 30, He does not want to be at the Clinic and fights all the Rules for the first pages. In all the fracas this past month a troubling theme has been constant. I am debating whether to read this. Yan ya da mecaz anlam yok.

It’s been like living in a Camus book, or a Kafka kswakw, or something. It is just eschewing for the sake of eschewing. The essence of the book, for me, remains the same in light of the current revelations. I mean, for fuck’s sake, I smoke a lot of cigarettes, and though yes, I do think I have a bit of an addictive personality, and sure, maybe because my parents didn’t take away my bottle early enough I have an oral fixation, and yup, many of my relatives crey heavy smokers, but still: But enough about Mr.

It’s like they were making conceptual art, and I’m making expressionistic art. I know there’s a lot of controversy about whether this is a fiction or a non fiction book and I say: According to the source at the company, there had been some disagreement among editors at the publishing house about Mr.

Ever since that business with him [James Frey], fact-checkers are in overdrive. The book opens with Frey waking up on an airplane at age 23 after ten-plus years of intense, regular, hard drug use. But see above, okay?