Inspired by its mission to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters. What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e- Choupal. This initiative has enabled farmers from over 40, The e-Choupal is a unique web-based initiative of ITC Limited, offering farmers required information, products, and services they need.

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Launched in June’e-Choupal’, has already become the largest initiative among all Internet-based interventions in rural Chopal. In fact, the e-choupal project was born from the realisation that it should be able to get good quality agri-produce without having to scour the chaotic mandis.

Under the programme, Cattle Development Centres CDC have been established till date, covering more than 10, villages and resulting in over 15 lakh artificial inseminations.

Views Read Edit View history. This article has multiple issues. After many miles and many states, Mr Chiupal can confidently tell his shareholders: However, the farmers learned quickly the methods and tools of the facilities and training organized was a big hit among the farmers.

As a market-led business model, ITC e-Choupal has enhanced the competitiveness of Indian agriculture and triggered a virtuous cycle of higher productivity, higher incomes and enlarged capacity for farmer risk management, larger investments and higher quality and productivity.

Over 19, youth have so far benefited from vocational and modern skills training, while over 4,00, students have been covered through Supplementary Learning Centres and Anganwadis. As ITC chairman YC Deveshwar readies to meet shareholders at their chiupal annual general meeting next Friday, he can claim two roles for his company and himself. Grain revolution Choupsl Hindu Business Line.

Chpupal Sanchalak was subjected to take an oath that he would uphold the high standards and will not indulge in wrongful activities and would maintain the ethics, moral responsibility, image that ITC has created through the website.

The sanchalak bears choupwl operating cost but in return earns a service fee for the e-transactions done through his e-Choupal. ITC to set up a shopping complex at Ujjain Business-standard. ITC is no stranger to rural India: The evolved model will cater to the new generation chouoal agri- entrepreneurs and agrarian start-ups dealing with a wide array of services from hyper-local weather forecasts to support systems for precision agriculture; from sensors for smart irrigation to drones for crop-health monitoring; from image processing for disease recognition to predictive analytics for epidemic management; from next-gen farm management to online consumer outreach directly.


They see the ‘e-Choupal’ as the new age cooperative for all practical purposes. ITC had to overcome all these challenges and iyc did so by setting up solar batteries at various locations to recharge the batteries.

Further, the platform can also be used to charge rich farmers for the information that they have received. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Skip to main content. Entire states in central, southern and northern India have fallen, and over 14, villages are under its spell. The Model in Action: For Kishore, the results are evident.

ITC plans to coverha of barren private wasteland with green cover chiupal a decade. From toothpaste to tractors, this rural mall has it all Outlook. For the year to March 31,ITC reported a net profit of Rs 1, crore on gross turnover of Rs 11, crore, with cigarettes still accounting for over 80 per cent of profits and sales. This, in turn, creates another virtuous cycle that is propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory.

While the farmers benefit through enhanced farm productivity and higher farm gate prices, ITC benefits from the lower net cost of procurement despite offering better prices to the farmer having choupaal costs in the supply chain that do not add value.

What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e-Choupal

The enhancement of rural incomes has also unleashed the latent demand for industrial goods, necessary for the continued growth of the Indian economy. This large-scale intervention in water stewardship covers 45 districts across 12 states and has brought the area under watershed to over 8,36, acres through more than 10, water harvesting structures. The information given by the farmers could be studied and analyzed by experts and this would help both the parties in that the revenues for the company would grow and farmers would benefit with the experts suggesting even customized solution to their farming issues.

The intervention has till date created sustainable livelihoods for over 44, rural women. This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat Of course, it also provides a comprehensive package of support and extension services to farmers – from loans to marketing.

Chairman Y C Deveshwar speaks on the e-Choupal. Jump to Main Navigation. Each e-choupal, manned by a trained villager designated the “sanchalak”, covers around five villages. The warehouse hub is managed by the same traditional middle-men, now called samyojaks, but with no exploitative power due to the reorganisation. It has empowered the community in creating a resource mechanism that has given farmers necessary understanding that market led business model can have the positive impact upon the output and their efficiency.

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Further, for a small rich segment of the farming community, this platform could be used by research institutions, national and international, to provide consultancy in the form of improved and scientific approach to farming in the form of irrigation, seeds or other services.

E-CHOUPAL PROJECT BY ITC – Motivation, Principles and Barriers | Manhar Singh –

A more direct contact with the farmer had more control over the quality of product it sourced. This will create another virtuous cycle propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory.

It is also dhoupal most vulnerable to the vagaries of nature and the threat of climate change. Ground reality Business Standard. The ITC e-Choupal initiative choupl a powerful example of a business model that delivers largescale societal value by co-creating rural markets with local communities. Log In Sign Up.

ITC e-Choupal unshackles the potential of the Indian farmer, who has been trapped in a vicious cycle of low risk-taking igc – low investment – low productivity – weak market orientation ee low value addition – low margin – low risk taking ability.

The Sanchalak was very important figure in the entire process. In coming month, it aims to install e- choupals. The credit, according to Singh, goes to higher quality seeds, inputs and farming methods he has been able to adapt with access to timely information on weather conductions, prices across different local markets and services from the e-Choupal in his village.

ITC plans personalised crop management services via e-Choupal 3.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The farmer takes the note along with his produce to the nearest ITC rural services hub called Choupal Saagar, which falls within a km radius. By helping these enterprises we aim to make the world better – better for us, for our community and for the environment Shop Now.

Yet the farmers are free to sell to anybody and are not tied down to ITC with any written contracts.