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ISO/TS. First edition. Health informatics — Electronic health record communication ISO’s member body in the country of the requester. ISO/TS (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file. SPECIFICATION. ISO/TS. First edition. Health informatics — Electronic health record communication —. Part 4: Security. Informatique de.

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Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. So they may be very inefficient if a subpart of a document references parts of other such documents through an indirection link, because the whole referenced document s must be processed sequentially [ 25 ]. Queries were performed on the extracts against the problems information of each patient. This is because NoSQL data stores allow stored data to remain in a form that more closely approximates its true representation [ 1360-4 ].

Several improvements within the relational model have been proposed and used. This motivate us to study its performance as the persistence level in an EHR system.

ISO Standard – EHR Interoperability

This happens when an object is molded to fit into relational structure [ 23 ]. This is a simple and flexible solution, but 13606–4 simplicity causes complex data retrieval logic, thereby damaging complex queries [ 15 ].

These documents will probably have links pointing to subparts of other such documents.


The whole extracts documents or their subsets returned by the NoSQL system are to be retrieved and visualized by the medical professional.

Digital Healthcare Empowering Europeans. Castro1 Oscar Moreno1 and Mario Pascual 1. Kalra D, Lloyd D.

However, when medical practitioners make primary use of medical information clinical practicethey tend to visualize normalized medical information regarding a single patient.

And also because of the special persistence policies of EHR documents see Discussion below. This is a clear example of a query returning whole extracts documents, i. Consequently, these systems constitute an optimization for read-intensive large data repositories.

Cross-organizational EHR communication will constitute a key component of future health care [ 10 ]. On the other hand the much flatter linearity of the NoSQL systems merits further research, in order to decide the appropriateness of document-based database approaches. In contrast, NoSQL time costs also seem to grow linearly with database size, even though with a much flatter slope.

They have no schema and do not support either joins or atomicity, consistency, isolation, or durability ACID properties [ 24 ].

There are several pros and cons, but in many cases a trade-off solution is best. This means that, for instance, since two comparable normalized relational systems optimized ARM and ORM, extracts database have quite similar database sizes 2.

ORM implies the construction of many tables related through foreign keys representing the complex structure of the extract XML file and may damage 1366-4. Consequently, it may be considered as a NoSQL database. This improvement will be reasoned later in the discussion. Building a relational MySQL database system to store and query normalized EHR extracts The relational model for database persistence [ 1317 13066-4 is a very well established and mature methodology, which is paradigmatic.


ISO/TS 13606-4:2009

In general terms, with the exception of Q6, the six queries are ordered by increasing complexity. Within one application, different classes of NoSQL databases can be used simultaneously, which is known as polyglot persistence. Archetype relational mapping — a practical openEHR persistence solution. It depends strongly on the specific situation and problem to be solved. This means that relational table-like output may be easily generated in the form of XML-formatted files, contrary to MongoDB, which produces entire JSON output that must be post-processed to yield relational-like output see previous section.

The dual model used by standardized EHR documents requires the organization of the information following a specific structure, and medical knowledge must also 136006-4 the structure constrained by the archetypes, iwo. It has also been properly anonymized using a solution developed by our Unit in previous work [ 39 ]. ALC conducted the experiments carried out in isoo study.