HPDL Four Character Smart Alphanumeric Displays. Four Character Smart Alphanumeric Displays Technical Data. Features. Smart Alphanumeric Display. The HPDL and are smart, four character, sixteen- segment, red GaAsP displays. The. HPDL has a character height of mm (“). The. Home > Automation & Control Gear > Panel Meters & Components > Miscellaneous. HPDL LED DISPLAY. RS Stock No. ; Brand Hewlett.

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The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below. Then you have to wait 2 s till you can set the time. Save this item to a new parts list. By the way, I had to extend the gap between it’s pins which need to be soldered to PCB – I’ve cut one and soldered a extending wire.

HPDL 2416 16seg 4.1 mm alphanumeric display red led dot-matrix display

I have short circuited my watch few times accidently when washing my hands or in the rain and 24416 worked. Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list.

Project Owner Contributor Baby Phone jeremy. The timer2 is set to overflow and it’s prescaled to The product detailed below complies with the specifications published by RS Components.


I wanted to cut off the power totally so I decided to power it from ATmega16 pins directly. I solved the problem by not keeping it constantly on like mobile phone screens – they are turned on only when user is using them.

View all 2 project logs. I designed it like this on purpose, because battery in this way holds better in this holder: About Us Contact Hackaday.

Save to parts list Save to parts list. Holes between C1 and C2 are for By clicking the accept button below, you agree to the following terms. Official Hackaday Prize Entry.

In the beginning I thought it will come quiet ugly and I’ll need to make a case for it, but now I like how it looks.

DL Intelligent LED Display using Arduino

Become a member 2461 follow this project and never miss any updates. Those yellow 22416 should be connected by using wire. Display shows time only you press the button on the side which sets hours or minutes. The display has one drawback – It uses pretty much current. It’s powerded by a coin cell. On the upper side of the PCB there are contacts for buttons to set minutes and hours. Project Owner Contributor oled earrings Daniel. Unfortunatelly, these displays are getting extinct like nixies are.

Does this project spark your interest? The code is next.


Moreover the power-down sleep mode is used to reduce power consumptions of the uc. One of the requirements is that it be a “connected” device.

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Please enter a message. Description I wanted to make a project by using stuff I had lying around and I came in this watch. And the really cool thing is that I made some swag by myself and I feel proud of it: Unfortunatelly, uc barely fits in the middle of the display’s back and some pinout traces of display hpxl uc touches where they mustn’t.

Soon I’ll post schematics and hpddl code. Add a battery holder and upload the firmware. Here is the link: I wanted to mound display on one side of the PCB and the uc – on the other.

When you press any of these when display is blank – it will only turn it on by powering and unblanking it. It’s available at my github, I’ll just explain a little npdl. Sending feedback, please wait When testing the display, I’ve noticed that when it is blanked it still drains about 1mA of current at 5V.