Pale Ink has 2 ratings and 2 reviews. Donald said: Henriette Mertz was a cryptologist during WWII and later a patent lawyer who published a series of dar. Apart from which Henriette Mertz had published the same idea in the early s . Oops! Socratous’ book places Atlantis in the Atlantic with Troy as its capital!. More by Henriette Mertz. Pale Ink: Two Ancient Records of Chinese Exploration in America. Henriette Mertz. from: $ The Mystic Symbol: Mark of the.

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I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense. He lost his legal challenge. Inwhen Enrico Mattievich published his J ourney to the Mythological Inferno in which he claimed that the ancient Greeks had discovered America, Socratous alleged that he had made the same claim in a book aapparently unaware that Mattievich had originally published his book in Portuguese in and in had delivered his preliminary findings in a lecture b.

Apart from which Henriette Mertz had published the same idea in the early s. Mariolakos is professor emeritus of Geology and Palaeontology at Athens University. Their expertise was accumulated between the beginning or end of the 3 rd millennium BC until shortly after the conclusion of the Trojan War towards the close of the Mycenaen period at the end of the 1 st millennium BC.

Mariolakos bases his conclusions on the works of Homer, Hesiod, Orphic poetry and Plutarch as well as the 20 th century writer Henriette Mertz.

BC is generally accepted as the author of the Iliad and the Odysseyregarded as the two greatest epic poems of ancient Greece. A recent study of the Greek used by Homer has enabled scientists from the University of Reading to confirm that the language used is compatible with that used in the 8 th century BC, in fact dating it to around BC i.

George Edwin Howesan American classicist, produced a dissertation [ ] on Homeric quotations in Plato and Aristotle. Almost nothing is known of his life.

He has been variously described as mad, blind and even mythical. Andrew Dalby, the English linguist, has gone henfiette far as to claim [ ] that the author of the two famed epics was in fact a woman!

Henriette Mertz

While in Samuel Butler, the novelist, was even more specific when he proposed that Homer was a Sicilian woman j. For centuries mertx was assumed that the content of these Homeric poems was the product of his imagination, just as the historical reality of Homer himself has been questioned.


What is not generally known is that there are also ancient non-Homeric accounts of the Trojan War q. Maunder [ ]. Guy Gervis has adopted some of their work and specifies a date of around BC for the events described in the Iliad and Odysseybased on an analysis of this astronomical data n.

This popular idea should be put alongside the views of Zlatko Mandzuka who maintains [ ] that all the locations mentioned in the Odysse y can be identified in the Adriatic. Nevertheless, there has been a growing body of opinion that insists that this Mediterranean identification is impossible. A range of alternative regions has been proposed f as the setting for the epics, which extend from Portugal as far northward as the Baltic.

In his Odyssey VII: There is little doubt that both the detailed geography and climatic descriptions given by Homer cannot be reconciled with that of the Mediterranean. Location mertx not a problem exclusive to the writings of Plato. Gilbert Pillot has also argued for voyages of Ulysses having taken him into the North Atlantic [ ].

The late Edo Nyland was another researcher henrietge had also opted for a Scottish backdrop to the Odyssey and had recently published his views [ ]. An English language synopsis of his book is available on the Internet.

The assumption being that if Troy could be located in the Baltic, so might Atlantis. Further support for a Northern European Troy has come from the historian Edward Furlong, a former naval navigation officer, who has advocated for over twenty years that the journey of Odysseus went as far north as Norway.

His particular views are outlined on the Internet c. However revolutionary this idea may seem it shows how this particular subject is growing and would probably justify a reference book of its own. Evidence exists for large-scale mining as early of the 5th millennium BC.

Henriette Mertz – Wikipedia

Bailey maintained that the Europeans imported enormous quantities of copper and tin from Henrieyte and South America to feed the demands of the Old World Bronze Age, an idea that was later heavily promoted by Frank Joseph.

Additionally, he locates Atlantis in the western Crimean area of Evpatoria l.

His page book is available on his website m. An interesting paper e by the German historian, Armin Wolf, relates how his research over 40 years unearthed 80 theories on the geography of the Odyssey, of which around 30 were accompanied by maps. Inhe published, Homers Reise: Professor Kucich follows the work of Henriette Mertz and is convinced that the ancient Greeks discovered America and that a local Peruvian language, Chuetsua, is based on classical Greek.


In he wrote a paper a that focused on orichalcumwhich he claimed were mined in the Atlas Mountain that was located in the Peruvian Andes. Lawrence Rivers join in Ontario, Canada. I sland, Peninsula or C ontinent? Gilles le Noan [ ]quoted by Papamarinopoulos [ In conversation with Mark Adams [ Five, a land within a continent, surrounded by lakes, rivers or springs. Hemriette Bittlestone, in his Odysseus Unbound [ If Saltzman is correct, what word did the Greeks use for island? Eberhard Zangger offers another correction of the Atlantis mystery: For the Egyptians more or less all strangers came from the islands.

As there henriettte been practically no islands in Egypt, the ancient Egyptian language did not have any special character for it. The Peloponnesus is a peninsula. This ambiguity in the written Greek and Egyptian of that period was highlighted at the Atlantis Conference by Stavros Papamarinopoulos.

Similar authors to follow

Christine Pellech attained her Ph. She is a trained merzt and an ardent diffusionist. Unfortunately, the book was only published in German, as are her henriehte books on the subject. She has written a synopsis of her theory on the Atlantisforschung.

I am unaware that Pellech refers directly to Atlantis, but she does claim that the Caribbean had been the centre of an extensive maritime trading culture, millennia before Columbus. This idea has been used by Norman Frey to underpin his theory of Atlantis having been located off the coast of Cuba at the end of the Ice Age.

Pale Ink by Henriette Mertz

Mertz recognised that ancient America was host to guests if not residents from both east and west and has written in Pale Ink [ ] on the evidence for the existence of persistent pre-Columbian Chinese contacts. Her reputation as a serial heretic also forced her to privately publish a volume on Atlantis [ ] following rejection by twenty publishers. She begins with the legend of the Seven Cities of Antillia and its depiction on the map of Andrea Bianco.

A comparison of this map with a modern map of Florida convinced her that they referred to heriette same henriett. Published November 24, Published November 19, Published June 9, In Augusta fifteen hour hendiette of the Iliad was performed in London.

Published June 1, Published May 28, Published December 21, Tagged AmericaAtlantisAtlantisforschung. Published October 18,