Download Elwan Neurology. Description. Download Elwan Neurology Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. PRINCIPLES OF EUIi p C Y By Dr. HASSAN ELWAN Professor of Neurology Cairo University Publisher UNIVERSITY BOOK CENTER (Sayed Mahmoud) 8. Dr. Hassan Elwan Neurology. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in.

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Mental impairment, ocular nerve paralysis and extrapyramidal syndromes are occasionally present. On smiling there is a characteristic smile myasthenic snarl. The usual type described above. In this disease the clinical picture of polymyositis is associated with cutaneous manifestations as violet neurolpgy of the areas of skin exposed to light, tightening of skin and telangiectasia.

They are due to long-term treatment with major tranquilisers phenothiazines e. In the intervertebral foramina: Care of the respiratory muscles by: Characterised by the following: A water soluble radio-opaque substance metrizamide is injected into the subarachnoid space and its movement is viewed on a screen.

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Anterior spinal artery occlusion. Slwan 80 mg I. Syndrome of “Progressive muscular atrophy”. Postganglionic fibres pass by the short ciliary nerves to the constrictor pupillae muscles.


Feature Thrombosis Embolism Haemorrhage 1. It is usually psychogenic. After one minute the ptosis will disappear and the fatigue will disappear if the case is myasthenia. The paraplegia passes by 2 stages: Care of the skin.

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This puts the muscle in a state of constant slight stretch. Anticholinergic drugs are best prescribed for tremors. In unilateral cerebellar lesions there is deviation to the diseased side. Dilsha Parveen rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Contralateral hemihyposthesia of subcortical type. Seipasil 1 mg t. The patient brings the tips of his forefingers from the distance of his outstretched arms to meet each other in the midline.

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This is a spontaneous local axon stretch reflex. The tongue is wasted and shows fasciculations.

Sympathetic fibres to the eye and face. The Lower Motor Neurone L. Coma at the onset. Ischaemia of the nerves, 2ry to atherosclerosis of the vasa nervosa.

Coma if the lesion is extensive. This results in superficial sensory loss below the level of compression. There is selectivity of the involved muscles e. Affection of the light reflex: It may be associated with lost ankle reflex. Inability to protrude the tongue spastic tongue In both cases there is no wasting or fasciculation. Contralateral hemihyposthesia with cortical sensory loss in U.


Inability to raise the eyebrows with absence of wrinkles of the forehead 7. However creatine is normally present in urine in children below 2 years and in pregnant females. It prevents the uptake of dopamine by the neurones.

Dr.hassan Elwan Neurology

Phenothiazines or Haloperidol to control the movements. Lesion of the Optic Tract: Causes hassaj the Parasagittal Region: The pupil is dilated, with no reaction to light. It occurs in extrapyramidal lesions as: The 2nd order neurone varies according to the type of sensation. Reduction in the amplitude of the compound muscle action potential evoked by repetitive supramaximal nerve stimulation the decrementing response.

Ligation of the carotid artery or direct surgery to the aneurysm e. Less marked lowering of pressure. Peripheral Motor Nerve carrying the motor impulse from A. Associated skeletal anomalies as pes cavus, and spina bifida are common, b Lumbar syringomyelia: Pathologically there is degeneration of: The cause of the lesion.