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Information on new weapons, gunsmithing, and cool-looking accessories. Lex from Paladins is a Flank champion who slides around the battlefield and mows down foes with his two large magnums. The Man from Nowhere has a lot of Gun Fu. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The Long Kiss Goodnight: Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII has been established as utilising this in the spin-offs, in the original game he was more of a straight up gunslinger.

In addition, the Gunslinger Adept in SR4 was designed with Gun Fu in mind, using magic to augment his gunfighting skills. Give Mana Tatsumiya a firearm or two and she’s a death machine, capable of wiping out a crowd of people all around her without turning around.

While pistols are the most common weapon, it can also be done with anything else you could reasonably consider a firearm – Uzis, the Sawn-Off Shotguneven rocket launchers, as long as you hold it in your hands and fire it. Stars Without Number Revised dropping the psychic class or swapping it for whatever Labyrinth Lord Class you want and all the sci-fi weapons and armors along with first edition Martial Arts Supplement.

In her fight against Ginji she frequently uses her pistols to block his katana. Want to add to the discussion? I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for but it certainly has the potential to be.

The GURPS Action series zooms in on the world of the summer blockbuster, where might makes right, doing your job with style is the whole of the law, and the speed limit is just a suggestion. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. One of the earliest western examples before John Woo migrated to America.


I am looking for something that doesn’t require too much hacking or reflavoring. Particularly in Season 9, which shows that the Freelancer agents were experts at this sort of combat.

Also, with GM approval you can take a martial arts specialization in gufps, in order to use your two pistols in melee combat. When you get guns in The Matrix: The Anti-Human Suppression Squad combine wrist-mounted Maneuver Gear with pistols, allowing them to pull off aerial maneuvers and take on soldiers armed with swords.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Unfortunately, due to the method chosen for the handling of the closure of City of Heroes by NC Softonly Beta Server players and those who watched Zwillinger’s Community Coffee Talks were ever able to see the time slowing, ki pushing, bullet timing power set in action.

Both are graceful and cool to an almost obscene degree, but Gun Fu is probably the more plausible of the two. Scionwhile not inherently an example of this trope, is a game where the player characters are half-divine heroes with reality-bending powers and, frequently, celestially-augmented vun including handguns. Shortly afterwards, these sequences began popping up everywhere.


Although not quite as flashy as most examples since it’s Neon Genesis Evangelionthe epitome of not really being awesome, Misato’s big scene in End of Evangelion involves her gunning down a whole squad of JSSDF guys while running at a dead sprint before bashing the remaining guy into a wall with her gun and then ghrps him point blank.

Go back-to-back with your ally, or shoot weapons from foes’ hands. Plus it’s got the interplanetary travel thing ready to go if you want to lean heavy into the Cowboy Bebop side of things. Those who are truly skilled, and idiots.

She acquired such an ability on account being the daughter of a famous gun collector. In a Meta manner, gjrps it doesn’t influence your visuals, ‘Dexterity’ is an extremely useful stat to have with any range powers. He later brought that spectacle to Red vs. You don’t believe me do you? This is probably a common request but I have no idea what kind of game would support this kinda thing naturally.

The third edition lumps everything from the Gun Bunny and Kensei lists into the “Combat Technique” attribute. Now it must be clear that this is not Gun Kata. In City of Heroesthis was to be embodied by the Martial Combat powerset, due to be released with Issue However, it was present in the Duel Pistols powers, which featured the ability to shoot in all kinds of interesting ways and still hit enemies, with a final attack straight out of Grps.


Has roots in Wuxia.

Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. Equilibrium combines both this and Gun Kata in the Grammaton Clerics’ signature fighting style. Although both involve Improbable Aiming Skills.

Also, due to in-universe reasons, the butterfly effect doesn’t ever cause problems – the course of history only ever changes due to deliberate actions on someone’s part. Of course, a character could alternatively pick up a plasma tongue repeater or two, which are magic revolver flamethrowers.

This is especially pronounced during the club gurpd, where he kills his way through a lot of guys at close range, point-blanking gurs so as not to risk hitting the bystanders surrounding him. I heard Feng Shui does this, but havne’t played it. Log in or sign up in seconds. Dozens of gurpw shooting techniques.

Gun Kata/Martial Arts RPG in a more modern setting? : rpg

The Game Mod Double Action: I’m not sure how Feng Shui compares to it, but the Gub book for Kindred of the East from White Wolf did some fun ultra violent guns and demon powers stuff, without just being a vampire game.

Gurpe Feng Shui has come up a couple times in this thread, it might be worth mentioning gjrps a Fen Shui 2 pdf bundle just appeared over at Bundle of Holding. Resources Find the right game for you!

Afro’s father may be able to deflect Justice’s bullets with his sword, but Justice uses his guns to parry Afro’s father’s attacks and manages to do quite well in close combat with him. In the beginning flashback sequence of Afro SamuraiJustice duels with Afro’s father.