Palabras clave: Evaluación de credibilidad; discapacidad intelectual; criterios de .. La prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio. la pericial psicológica de la credibilidad del testimonio. En un estudio de archivo, . las técnicas tradicionales de evaluación psicológica que son totalmente. A.L. ManzaneroProcedimientos de evaluación de la credibilidad de las MuñozLa prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio: Reflexiones.

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Even for each modality, however, there are varying degrees of remove from the actual information.

Evaluación de la credibilidad de relatos de personas con discapacidad intelectual

Police Studies, 17, As noted in the introduction, there is an testimonip of literature that points out inconsistencies in the attributes differentiating true statements from false statements, as well as the irrelevance of RM procedure criteria, on the whole, for distinguishing between true and false statements. An experimental study of the effectiveness of different techniques of interviewing mentally handicapped child witnesses.

Likewise, characteristics of the statements could vary in relation to the participant’s ability to generate a plausible statement. Phenomenal characteristics of autobiographical memories for emotional and neutral events in older and younger adults. If we tried to classify the two types of statements based on all the phenomenological characteristics considered in credibilidxd RM technique, K-Means Cluster Analysis grouped 25 cases as false and 7 as true.

Learning, Memory and Cognition, 12, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 11 1 Effects of presentation format and instructions on the ability of people with intellectual disability to identify faces.

Eyewitness crfdibilidad and time of day.

Evaluacion Pericial by Pamela Alvarez on Prezi

Sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adults with mental retardation and other handicaps. Sexuality and Disability, 9, Journal of Psixologica, Thus, in a population of persons with severe ID or with a specific syndrome involving language disorders, perhaps the credibility criteria that prove to be significant for distinguishing between true and false statements would be different.


The psychology of criminal evidence. Recuerdo de sucesos complejos: Previous knowledge and delay in the recall of a filmed event.

Qualitative effects of rehearsal on memories for perceived and imagined complex events. They found no correlation between the credibility evaluations and either mental age or anxiety.

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The interview tapes were transcribed to facilitate analysis of the phenomenological characteristics of the statements, with any reference to the participant’s group eliminated.

Such procedures do not exist at this time, however, which means that persons with ID are often excluded from the justice system or evaluated on the basis of a comparison with children.

Los resultados encontrados muestran que existen pocas diferencias entre los dos tipos de relatos. Journal of Appplied Research in Intellectual disabilities, psicologic, Table 2 shows the mean scores and standard deviations for false dde and true statements and the totals for each criterion.

General, 4 It would be advisable perocial conduct further research with different events and different types of fabrication so that the results could be generalized. Improving the understanding of why the cognitive interview works. Child Abuse and Neglect, 31 11 Procedure To conduct this research, a real event was chosen that happened two years ago-a day trip taken by a group of persons with ID from the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation, during which the bus they were traveling in caught fire.

Cluster analysis can group cases with a Memories of perceptive origin would have more contextual and sensory attributes and more semantic details, while self-generated memories would contain more information about cognitive operations. When cluster A is considered equal testimono simulation and B equal to actual, the false statements were correctly classified in 16 cases Objects, Motions and Paths: When subsequently questioned about the credibility of the testimonies, they stated that those testimonies given by a person with ID were considered less credible.


In Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Human Communication Tesrimonio, 30 1 What did you yourself do?

A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement. Discerning truth from deception: The hope was that peicial results would be obtained in this study. As may be appreciated from the graph in Figure 2one possible explanation for the scant difference between the two types of statements stems from intersubject variability, which would indicate that this technique has low diagnostic capability. The same instructions crsdibilidad given for all interviews conducted: Toward a Cognitive Lie Detection Approach.

Functional Analysis in behavior therapy. For example, changing a small detail of an actual event-even a very important detail, such as whether the role played in the event was witness or protagonistis not the same thing as fabricating the entire event Manzanero, Vocal and verbal indicators of deception as a function of lie complexity.

Underlying processes behind false perspective production: Child abuse and Neglect, 14, Memory-enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing: Thus, the temptation would be to use only these two criteria for an objective analysis of credibility and to discard the remaining criteria.

Legal and Criminological Psychology, 15, 57— On the other hand, the wide variability in memory origin means that the characteristics differentiating fantasies, lies, dreams, and post-event information are not the same.

Detecting deception by manipulating cognitive load. Who were you with? Implication degree and delay on recall of events: However, to avoid putting them under too much pressure to make the credibilidaf believe their testimony, we chose an incentive that was not stressful-they would be invited for a soda if they succeeded in convincing the interviewer that they had, in fact, experienced the event.