Thank you for selecting the High Performance Programmer/Controller. This controller can be supplied or can be fully configured to be process specific. Eurotherm 1/4 DIN Advanced controller/programmer. Features & Options: 5 digit display, 2 line LDC panel, Modular design allows for up to 5 I/O slots. Eurotherm /VH//XX Temperature Control: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction What Is Before You Begin Contents Of Packaging Operator Interface – Overview Led Status Indicators Installation – Overview Chapter 2 Installation Outline Dimensions Model Mounting The Controller 26004 Terminal Layout Power Supply Wiring Sensor Input Connections Analogue Input Connections Optional Plug In Module Connections Digital Communications Connections To Connect Zirconia dual Signal Probe Zirconia Probe Screening Chapter 3 Principle Of Operation The Home Page eurothwrm The Operator Buttons The Auto Manual Button The Loop Select Button To Step Through To Step Through Parameters To Change Parameter Values Loop Summary Parameters Jump 22604 Home Display Invalid Key Actions Parameter Availability Eurothrem Alterability Chapter 4 Programmer Operation Customisable Parameter Names What Is Setpoint Programming Setpoint Programmer Definitions Power Fail Recovery Holdback guaranteed Soak External Program Inputs Time To Target Programmer Ramp Rate Programmer Go Back Segment Program Edit program Page Parameters Program Edit segment Page Eurotherk Program Names Example Chapter 5 Alarm Operation Definition Of Alarms And Events How Alarms Are Indicated To Acknowledge An Alarm Alarm Delay Time Alarms summary Parameters To Set Alarm Trip Levels Alarms lp1 Page Parameters Alarms pv Input Page Parameters Alarms an Input Page Parameters Surotherm And Repair Electrostatic Discharge Precautions Installation Safety Requirements Enclosure Of Live Parts Earth Leakage Current Installation Requirements For Eugotherm Routing Of Wires Appendix C Technical Specification Dual probe Input Module Analogue Input Module Digital Input Modules Digital Output Modules Analogue Output Modules Dual Dc Output High Resolution Dc Output Graphical Representation Of Errors Mid Range High Impedance Input High Level Input Rtd pt Input Type Thermocouple Input Type Don’t have an account?