El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Kewpie said: I got this in a boxed set one Christmas from my GRANDMOTHER. She knew . El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Ummm I don’t even know where to start. This book was definitely a fa. El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente by Anne Rice, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The language is oddball, the world is complete fantasy, and it’s grossly politically incorrect by today’s standards. If you are planning to read this because you like retellings For all the three books, that is.

He literally wakes her up with durmienge, by penetrating her at the same time he kisses her and that pretty much sets the tone for the books. I reread this recently for a local book group. This book was actually more effective than Ambien to get me to sleep for the week I tried. I think I just tend to prefer a story with at least some romance in it. I have been to kink events all over the east coast. I’m kinda speechless here. I love reading erotic novels but no one will ever replace Fifty Shades.

Though I found myself liking her, I had trouble connecting with Beauty for much if the book; it wasn’t until later when she makes a decision to face what she fears most that I truly began to respect and admire her.

I originally gave it a lower dkrmiente, but with age I have come to appreciate a bit more about this book. These books represent an extreme side of erotic fantasies, durmuente still a very valid one.

This book, and the series was my “Ah ha” moment. The slaves placement in society is either an honor to their obedience or durmirnte punishment for their failure to perform to expectations. If you take away rpato fantasy part of this novel with the queen and princes and castles and such and just look at the relationship between beauty and her prince e get an insite into an abusive relationship.


Going by the rule of “did you enjoy yourself reading it? I think it gave a very honest description of how one might react in such a dur,iente situation. Other books in the series. There’s no plot, it’s just badly written erotica for the sake of erotica. It doesn’t mean that she’s a masochist but passionate and a woman who needs. I like having a copy tucked away in the be,la section of my bookshelf to pull out every now and then for a titillating read. Arlena Dean Book Blog For: Even more disturbing was that, although my mind rebelled against every new torture, my body reacted hotly with erotic lust.

The books take place in a lavish, fairy tale world where BDSM kink is interwoven belpa the culture of a powerful kingdom. This is the kindest thing anyone does for the rest of the book. So she becomes the pet of the castle, which really only earns her Because if it weren’t for finding this book in my youth, I might never have become a professional Reader of Erotica.

I love reading erotic novels but no one will ever replace Fifty S Turned this book down after a few pages.

Here Dominance and submission are a way of life. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Abduction, fear play, rape play, slavery, pony play Anne Rice’s writing was well done and saved this book from a 1 star rating. Fun and novel read. My limits may be different from wl limits? I loved the Vampire Chronicles but this, this is too much.

El Rapto De La Bella Durmiente by Rice, Anne

He only wants raptp be seen as powerful. It’s the sort of book I could read from end to end during a short flight. Other books in the series.

From what I learned from friends that are or have been involved in the It’s the sub plot I liked, rather than the central plot.


Can someone please tell me why they like this book, i am currently reading this book and i am having trouble getting into it. There’s no description of the weather either. The masters wants to keep the love before the slave find a new master but give the slave what they need. That said, there are certainly concepts to critique in this book.

The first part was shocking and confusing for me because when I think about a prince like this one Sorry Prince Caspian for putting you on this one okay as I’m saying when you think of princes it should not be like this one in this book because the prince just raped the princess and he doesn’t want the princess to have any clothes on.

I’m currently in the processes of rereading rapho series, it has been close to a decade since I’ve last read them. Its the steamist thing ever written and to think its a trilogy is alarming cause I’m sure the first book is the tip no pun intended of the iceberg. Spankings are for people who like pina coladas and walks in the rain.

El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente

For me this book helped plant seeds that later blossomed into fantasies and eventual fetishes. One of the ‘I bought it before I know it’ book. But Ann Rice, bless her crazy heart, wasn’t trying to sell it as anything other than some sick shit. This is not a manual of the BDSM lifestyle.

Needless to say I enjoyed it. From bestselling author Anne Rapyo, writing as A.