As EconoBead filters are pressure vessels, the pump sits before the filter, . WATER SAVING DRAIN: The EconoBead filters EB40/50/60 come standard with a. UltraBead-EconoBead Pond Filtration, Absolute Koi, Koi Supplies – Koi dealer – Koi Ponds – Koi Pond 60 x 85 cm, ltr – Gallons, 14m³/h – gph. The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are equipped as Econobead Performance Table Econobead Bead Filter EB

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Aqua Sieve Large inc Lid.

Econobead Low Pressure Bypass Kit – EB 40, 50 & 60

Follow Us facebook twitter youtube mail. The filter EconoBead is like its big brothers, a filter that combines both mechanical filtration and biological purification: The surface needed to install this filter is reduced: This econibead take up to weeks at temps.

Aqua Sieve Midi inc Lid. How do you size a beadfilter?

The two most common types of bacteria are, Nitrosomonas which is responsible for the break down of ammonia in the system. Econo-Bead 50 filter and Aqua Sieve Midi Package deal Ideal package for ponds of aprox gallons or ltrs package comes complete with EconoBead 50 filter and an Aqua sieve Midi which comes with a lid included in the price Aqua Sieves offer far greater flow rates than any other similar model Package Contents Econo Bead 50 inc blower,beads and multi port valve and pipe work for this.


The next is Nitrobacter, which is responsible for the breakdown of nitrite into relatively harmless nitrate. The heavier particles are deposited at the bottom of the filter. Move multiport valve back to EconoBead filter position and restart pump.

These filters are made of polypropylene and come complete with valve, beads, blower with muffler, transparent cover, all ready to be installed.

Ultrabead bead filter Nr. As EconoBead filters are pressure vessels, the pump sits before the filter, therefore almost any external dry mounted pump with a head pressure of is suitable.

EconoBead filter

Beads for all type of Bead Filters 10 Ltr. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Kockney Koi Mega Filters. The biggest model can be placed on a surface of 1m2! In these tests, bead filters out performed other filtration systems, when considering both bio filtration and clarification. A basin being filtered in 2 hours, a pump is required whose flow is equal to at least half the volume of the basin.

Dirty Harry Pre Econkbead.

Move multiport valve to backwash mode. Turn pump on and run until water is clear. Bead filters remove solids from water by different mechanisms. This product is no longer in stock.

The bypass system is very easy to install on all Econo-Bead models, using the unions supplied. A blower D – high volume air compressor allows very aggressive agitation of the beads by injecting air into the filter.


EconoBead filter

So including fittings, pipes and check valve. EconoBead Beadfilters are constructed from high quality fibreglass conforming 6 water standards so they are completely save for your fish. Other filtration systems accomplish these goals, but are much larger and more difficult to clean. Econobead bypass Kit for Europe? In filter mode, water enters the filter through the bottom screen Arises in the filter, and passes through the floating bead mat. These beads are very close together and form a layer through which the water is forced by a pump.

Aqua Drum 35 The water comes out of the filter from econobezd top via the strainer C which holds the beads.

The particles are captured by bacterial bio film on the surface of the bead. Customers say about us. What matters is the amount of beads. We are always looking to expand our network.

A bead filter can easily be operated manually using the six-way valve. One often forgets to keep in mind that our koi grow very fast each year and we often buy a new fish.