Results from previous works indicated that geopolymer concrete exhibited better mechanical strength and durability properties than ordinary. Advantages and disadvantages of Geopolymer concrete VIIAdvantages Fristly, This is one of the primary advantages of geopolymers over traditional cements. to Portland cement, fly-ash based geopolymer concrete can reduce carbon . Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete.

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The initial goal for the research done on these geopolymers was to find a more fire resistant binder material due to the high amount of fires fisadvantages Europe at that time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete

Australian Journal of Civil Engineering, 14 1: As hong kong is not a major producer of steel, ggbs as a byproduct of steel has to be imported overseas and this introduces higher material cost due to transportation and the supply of ggbs is unstable and unsteady. Cement and Concrete Research, 25 1: When temperature disadvantsges to below freezing that water freezes and then expands this will cause cracks to form. The three specimens for creep test were placed in a specially-built creep testing frame with a hydraulic loading system.

Determination of the properties related to the consistency of concrete- Slump test. Note that the mass of water is the major component on both the alkaline solutions. In geopolymer concrete cement is not used as a binding material.

NaOH actually possesses a greater capacity to liberate silicate and aluminate monomer.

High range water reducing naphthalene based super plasticiser, naphthalene sulphonate based superplasticizer etc was also use. The mass of NaOH solids in a solution varies depending on the concentration of the solution. Horizontal length comparator was used for length measurements.


Ordinary Portland cement is commonly used in concrete. The major processes involved are dissolution of the alumino silicate species within a highly basic, alkaline environment, polymerization of the dissolved minerals into short-lived structural gel, precipitation of formed hydration products similar to natural zeolites and final hardening of the matrix by excess water exclusion and the growth of crystalline structures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete

The fly ash particles are embedded into an aluminosilicate gel with a Si: So the prepared solution should be used within this time. Although, significant progress was made, there is an immense need to work out generalisation of water geopolymer solids ratio, bond between reinforcement and geopolymer paste, structural behaviour of reinforced gpc members, corrosion of reinforcement in geopolymer concrete etc.

Al atomic ratio Concretf Rangan, Low calcium fly ash based geopolymer concrete—Long term properties. These composites have some advantages compared to ordinary cement concrete such as.


Cylinders of size mm diameter and mm long were cast with Glass fibers. Advantages and disadvantages of geopolymer concrete. Graham, The effects of supplementary cementing concrehe in modifying the heat of hydration of concrete.

The Concentration of sodium hydroxide solution can vary in different molar. Cement and Concrete Research, 30 The pores are very small but water can still enter cured concrete.

Advantages and disadvantages of geopolymer concrete pdf

Advantages and Disadvantages of Geopolymer Concrete The main advantages and disadvantages of Geopolymer concrete are listed here. The load capacity of geopolymer columns is influenced by load eccentricity, concrete compressive strength values concerte longitudinal reinforcement ratios. The shrinkage strain measurements started on the third day after casting the concrete.


The measurements then continued every day in the first week, once a week until the fourth week, once in two weeks until the twelfth week, and then once in four weeks until one year.

Acids, toxic waste and salt water will not have an effect on geopolymer concrete. Cement and Concrete Research, 40 2: Materials and Structures, 42 6: A low ratio of Si: It usually consists of a mixture of metal oxides and silicon dioxide. Some of the aluminium atoms in the matrix disaxvantages substituted with iron ions to yield a poly Ferro-sialate type geopolymer with the following formation: The raw materials play a significant role in geooplymer geopolymer reaction and affect the mechanical properties and microstructure of the final geopolymeric products.

To evaluate the acid resistance of fly ashbased geopolymer concrete, the specimens were disadvanfages in sulphuric acid solution with selected concentrations ranging from 0. Geopolymer concretean innovative material that is characterized by long chains or networks of inorganic moleculesis a potential alternative to conventional port land cement concrete for use in transportation infrastructure construction. Posted by Visit n’ Tech at 5: Addison Yeopolymer Longman limited, London, England.