Disfuncionalidad familiar y agresividad en los estudiantes del 5to y 6to grado de primaria de la I.e.E. jesus elias ipince sayán – Name: Your e-mail address. Se utilizó el test de Funcionamiento Familiar y la técnica del grupo focal para por 37 familias disfuncionales que fueron diagnosticadas por el test FF SIL. , Josep Moreno Marín and others published Función y disfunción familiar } sus familias a través del cuestionario FF-SIL de funcionamiento familiar.

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Mujer de 39 a?? Paciente de 39 a??

Las pruebas complementarias iniciales fueron normales. Tras un estudio exhaustivo y fundamentalmente una insistencia en la anamnesis por?? Se incluyen 30 casos de cefalea correspondientes a 23 pacientes. Ff-sli cefaleas son primarias y 22 secundarias. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Tension headache is the more frequent presentation of primary cephalagia.

Aim of this paper is to estimate if there is an association between tension headache and familial dysfunction.

Clinical manifestations related to post-traumatic stress were frequent, there is a familial complex and difficult environment including these sick persons, suggesting us the use of family resources as therapeutical option not very explored yet.

Mucormicosis rinocerebral en paciente con cefalea y diabetes mellitus Rhinocerebral mucormycosis in diabetic patient with headache. We report funciohamiento case of a 52 years old male patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus under metformin therapy that presented with acute headache cuestionarip nasal congestion.

Pansinusitis was diagnosed which did not respond to medical treatment. He was evaluated by the internal medicine and otorrinolaringology departments. In the fibronasolaringoscopy exam black necrotic scars were found in turbinates and meatus. A magnetic resonance was ordered which evidenced a lesion in the left temporal region associated to vasogenic edema.

The patient was programmed for abscess drainage without any complications; the histopathological report informed the presence of non septated hyphae compatible with Rhizopus sp.

The patient began to receive amphotericyn B for a rhinocerebral mucormycosis with optimal response and was discharged with improvement of his clinical picture. Full Text Available Objetivo. Se realizaron estudios para evaluar la estructura interna, consistencia interna y la validez externa del cuestionaroi. Tension -type headache are a frequent source of complaints in health assistance units. It tends to cause avoidance behaviors with adverse consequences in physical, psychological and social aspects.

Contributions from the Bio-Psychosocial perspective are described for a better understanding cuestionrio the tension -type headache problem.

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Prevalencia y factores asociados. Full Text Available The most frequent primary headaches, including migraine variants, cuncionamiento intrinsic optic nerve disorders that produce headache, are reviewed. The latter are often accompanied by autonomic nervous system alterations which lead to vasomotor changes, frequently present in neuralgic processes known as headaches with disautonomic involvement. Epidemiological, semiological, clinical, and therapeutical aspects of different cranial, facial and famiiliar diseases that produce headache are included.

Some physiopathological elements that may help to analyze painful craniofacial processes are discussed. Secondary headaches and common facial neuralgias, on the other hand, funcionamienho also considered because they may confuse the differential diagnosis.

The study of medical records from children attended in the headache consultation at the Teaching Pediatric Hospital of Cerro municipality from April, to April, was carried out. Clinical findings were grouped according to familial and personal pathologic history, characteristics of the headache, results from physical examination, investigations performed and treatment received by the patients.

The most affected group was the one over 9 years of age, and males were found to be predominant. The most frequent headache was migraine without aura. Among the characteristics cuesttionario pain, the most frequently found were bifrontal location; severe, pulsatil funionamiento lasting 2 or 3 hours twice or three times a week.

The most frequently used drug treatment was meclizine. The headache secondary to dural puncture is caused by the persistent leakage of cerebrospinal fluid through the dura tear because of the needle insertion; it presents when the patient adopts the erect position and it alleviates with the supine position; if this characteristic is not present it may appear some doubts on diagnosis.

The selection of a fine trocar for puncture and guiding funcionamiennto bevel parallel to the fibers of dura are the main factors for profilaxis of headache. Its treatment is controversial, but it does exist a consensus in that the epidural blood patch is the definitive treatment for this condition.


Distribution transformer with automatic voltage adjustment – performance; Transformador de distribucion con ajuste automatico de tension – desempeno. Hernandez Ruiz, Gustavo A. In the electric power distribution systems, funcionamiejto power quality is strongly linked with the service stability voltage. In the radial kind systems, it is virtually impossible to achieve a flat voltage along the lines, so it is desirable to count with transformers that can adjust automatically the cuestonario ratio.

FF dabei / 1970/14

En sistemas de tipo radial, es virtualmente imposible mantener uniforme la tension a lo largo de las lineas, por lo que se hace deseable contar con transformadores que puedan ajustar automaticamente la relacion de transformacion. Postdural puncture headache is a well-known complication of spinal and epidural anesthesia and, so far, its most effective treatment is the epidural blood patch.

Nevertheless this is an invasive procedure subject to severe complications. Its use in special patient populations HIV positive patients and leukemias is controversial. Several alternatives have been reported. This study aimed at showing a case of prophylactic epidural dextran 40 patch in an HIV patient with previous history of headache following spinal anesthesia.

Male patient, 31 years old, 70 kg, physical status ASA II, HIV positive, presented for recurrent anal condylomatosis treatment, with a history of severe and limiting headache for two weeks following spinal anesthesia. Life events and strains in families with teenagers. Los objetivos de este estudio son: An inevitable wave of prescription drug monitoring programs in the context of prescription opioids: Paradoxically, there are simultaneous pressures to increase opioid prescribing for the benefit of individual patients and to reduce it for the sake of public health, and this pressure warrants a delicate balance of appropriate therapeutic uses of these drugs with the risk of developing dependence.

This article discusses pros and cons of PDMP in reducing diversion of prescription opioids, without hampering access to those medications for those with genuine needs, and highlights tensions around PDMP implementation. There are tensions about unintended consequence of excessive regulatory enforcements, corresponding collateral damages particularly about inadequate prescribing for patients with genuine needs, and mandatory consultation requirements of PDMP.

In this era of information technology PDMP is likely to flourish and remain with us for a long time. A clear standard of practice against which physicians’ care will be judged may expedite the utilisation of PDMP. In addition, adequate training on addiction and pain management along with public awareness, point-of-supply data entry from pharmacy, point-of-care real-time access to data, increasing access to addiction treatment and appropriate regulatory enforcement preferably through healthcare administration, together.

Cefalea en la infancia: Change of residual stresses during plastic deformation under uniaxial tension test; Variacion de las tensiones residuales con la deformacion plastica en el ensayo de traccion.

The starting material, hot rolling Armco iron, has values close to 0 MPa in longitudinal direction. In transverse direction the stating values are MPa, changes are small and residual stresses remain compressive until the end of tension test.

In addition, studies of the changes of residual stresses with time and with misalignment between incident X Ray and drawing direction are presented. Analysis of the losses related to the tension and current distortion in the electric network; Calidad de la energia electrica. Analisis de las perdidas relacionadas con la distorsion de la tension y corriente de la red electrica.

In recent times every day one speaks more about power quality and about the losses produced by the tension and current distortion. The distortion in the electric network and the consumption tend to keep on increasing, and each day there will be the need of applying more resources to handle it inside a reasonable range. In this article the situation of the power quality is analyzed in the most general case and also simplified for special cases.

On base on the distortion coefficients of tension and current a matrix is created where the harmonics coefficients of tension as well as the current appear in an organized form an all of the elements of that matrix are analyzed.

Some topological rules are created in order to give the simplest orientation in the complex situation.


The article is useful to supervise the power quality in all of the typical cases and establish a base for a more detailed analysis.

La distorsion de la red electrica y del consumo tiene la tendencia de seguir aumentando y cada dia mas habra que dedicar mas recursos para manejarla dentro de un rango razonable. En el articulo presentado se analiza la situacion de la calidad de energia en caso mas general y tambien simplificada para los casos especiales.

A base de coeficientes de distorsion, de tension y corriente se crea una Matriz donde figuran tanto los coeficientes de armonicas de tension como de corriente en una forma ordenada y se analizan todos los elementos de esta matriz. Se crean algunas reglas topologicas para dar la orientacion mas simple en la situacion compleja.

El articulo sirve para dar supervision a la calidad de energia en todos los casos tipicos y establecer una base para el analisis mas detallado.

Voltage pre-regulator without insulation with high efficiency; Pre-regulador de tension sin aislamiento con alta eficiencia. Ademas para hacer un buen uso de la energia, se les disena para que familiae corregir el factor de potencia FP y por lo tanto reducen la contaminacion de armonicos en la red; los cuales provocan fallas o destruccion en otros equipos electronicos.

Adicionalmente se les puede disenar para obtener una buena respuesta dinamica, lo cual asegura que podran contrarrestar ff-sll cambios de carga. La caracteristica no lineal que esta presente en todas las fuentes de alimentacion, que basan su entrada en una etapa de rectificacion y filtrado, provocan un bajo factor de potencia FP y una alta distorsion armonica total THD. El factor es contaminar la red electrica, lo cual puede provocar fallas o descomposturas de otros equipos.

Sin embargo la respuesta dinamica RD es adecuada ya que se cuenta con etapas separadas para la correccion del FP y la regulacion. A partir de una revision del estado del arte, en. High-voltage-powered transistorized preamplifier; Pre-amplificateur transistorise avec alimentation haute tension ; Vysokovol’tnyj ehnergeticheskij predvaritel’nyj usilitel’ na tranzistorakh; Preamplificador transistorizado alimentado con alta tension.

El circuito en cuestion tiene la particularidad de que el transistor esta alimentado con la alta custionario suministrada al detector de radiaciones. Con los dos transistores de union PNP empleados en el preamplificador se obtiene una ganancia de tension unidad en un intervalo dinamico de 1 mV a 5 V. La tension de trabajo del transistor con carga en el emisor se estabiliza mediante un pequeno diodo Zener.

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El consumo de corriente de detector de centelleo distante que utiliza el circuito esta comprendido entre 0,35 y 0. Inymi slovami detektory izluchenij i svyazannoe s nimi schetnoe oborudovanie chasto razdelyayutsya znachitel’nym rasstoyaniem, poehtomu sleduet predusmatrivat’ nadezhnye sredstva peredachi signala iz detektora v schetnuyu sistemu.

Prakticheski dlya linii peredachi ispol’zuetsya koaksial’nyj kabel’ s nizkim soprotivleniem, a dlya polucheniya trebuemoj soglasovannosti impedansov ispol’zuetsya skhema s katodnym vykhodom ili skhema s ehmitternym vykhodom.

V dannom doklade daetsya opisanie unikal’noj skhemy s ehmitternym vykhodom, kotoraya uspeshno primenyalas’ v Vashingtonskom universitete. Skhema ehmitternogo vykhoda yavlyaetsya unikal’noj v tom smysle, chto istochnikom ehnergii tranzistornoj skhemy sluzhit vysokoe napryazhenie, podavaemoe detektoru izlucheniya. Primenenie v predvaritel’nom usilitele dvukh splavlennykh tranzistorov s. Full Text Available Public Works Technical Engineer The overlap principle admitted in the CEB-FIP Recommendations and in the EH is not valid for deformation formulae due to creep, of the present instructions EH and EP, and it represents a serious setback when designing a structure when loads are acting that have a discontinuous way in time.

The purpose of this article is to arbitrate a method that will enable us to calculate a creep curve for an intermediary discharge that fulfils the overlap principle, admitting the load creep curve and the deferred elastic deformation one for total compliance with the EH and EP A tension headache tension -type headache is the most common type of headache, and Headache after a head injury, especially if the headache gets worse But research suggests muscle contraction isn’t the El problema del desencadenamiento de la psicosis en las elaboraciones de Jacques Lacan