Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Crystallizing Public Opinion is a book written by Edward Bernays and published in . Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations; New York: Crown, ; ISBN ; pp. 96– CRYSTALLIZING. PUBLIC OPINION by. EDWARD L. BERNAYS. Counsel on Public Relations. Former Lecturer on Public Relations. andAdjunct Professor.

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A quality vintage copy of this highly significant work. Others use the term to mean the dissemination of material to communications media. The French Revolution brought almost a re- ligious worship of public opinion, which it was felt could resolve the social and political problems of the time.

I think it’s because there was quite a bit of repetition. InWoodrow Wilson, later to become President of the United States, in an essay on Cabinet Government in the United States,” made one of the earliest pleas for publicity for political affairs.

Nice read with a bunch of historical examples. Nationally and internationally the magazine was called to the attention of a public which had, up to that time, considered it perhaps a.

And the lessons that it is teaching are common sense facts, that any one person should know. Fortune formulated a short definition “good. In the Colonial period religious propaganda was instituted by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, founded by the Anglican Church in 1 70 1.

The best examples, of course, of the increasing importance of public opinion to industries which until recently scarcely concerned themselves with the existence or non-existence of a public opinion about them, are those industries which are charged with a public interest. They sat at every doorway,” says Mr. He must isolate ideas and develop them into events so that they can be more readily understood and so that they may claim attention as news. Consequently he who molds public senti- ment goes deeper than he who accepts or makes decisions.

These activities helped to inform the public and lessened antagonism. They all got the signal. Motion pictures reached the patrons of moving picture houses. Leadership in every category exerted itself to influence people and win friends for the particular activity the leader was interested in.

As the methods of psychological influence are many and various, Bernays proposes to focus on fundamentals.


Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

Nothing quite whets the appetite for rare and collectible books like old and vintage cookbooks. He told the “sporting fan” about Lithuanian sports and told American women about Lithuanian clothes. Why is it difficult to start a new cfystallizing movement — or to fight cancer? The mere statement of the problem made it clear to the public relations counsel who was re- tained by the hotel that the only way to overcome the rumor was to give the public some positive evidence of the intention of the hotel to remain in business.

Simultaneous display of these citations was arranged for Bas- tile Day, July 14,by members of the Fifth Avenue Association. But in 59 B. Business’ reputation suffered severely.

All helped to crystallize public opinion in behalf of both the French and the American Revo- lution. Early on the evolution of this process became a part of the political machine.

Roger Babson put it correctly when he said, “War taught us the power of propaganda. How crystallizig this is true can be seen from the congressional records of ‘ controversies in which the edwarrd attack supersedes logic. It was evident to all who saw the pictures or read the story crystxllizing this king had really stirred the affectionate interest of the national elements that make up America.

He must either himself appraise the public mind and his relation to it or he must engage the services of an expert who can aid him to do this- He may to-day consider, for instance, in his sales campaign, not only the quality ‘of his soap but the working conditions, the hours of labor, even the living conditions of the men who make it.

The subways strive in this regard to create a feeling of sub. Na- tional figures became interested in what might have been merely a local event.

Fewer visitors came to New York. The lecture platform resounded to Lithuania’s appeal.

As the founder of public relations counsel, Edward Bernays speaks of the increasing significance of the public relations counsel both as a profession and a new field of interest.

For example, a hotel wishing to demonstrate its prominence can hold a public celebration with carefully chosen guests — including “a leading banker, a society woman, a prominent lawyer, an influential preacher, and so forth until a cross section of the city’s most telling activities is mirrored in opinoin committee.

Business began to recognize it was no longer a private but a public affair, and that to survive and develop it must be based on a coincidence of its own and the public interest.


Crystallizing Public Opinion

Now that the book is being reprinted in a new edition, it may be helpful to a clearer understand- ing to review some of the practices which preceded those of modern public relations, and to record the history of the prof ession -sinceDuring the past thirty-eight years the profes- sional public relations concept has penetrated most important activities in the United States, and spread over the free opinon.

With the forces of progress gain- ing, greater emphasis and reliance were placed on public l.bernaays. Specially printed in connection The Nation said public relations counsel was a new name for the “Higher Hokum. Generally speaking, the relationship and interaction of the public and any movement is rather obvious. In a long article about the attitude of the pub- lic towards the railroads, the Railway Age reaches the conclusion that the most important problem which American railroads must solve is “the problem of selling themselves to the public.

In Greece, the individual came to the fore. Once interesting news is created it will propagate itself through media channels which already seek to capture public attention.

Full text of “Bernays, Edward L. Crystalizing Public Opinion ( ) (no OCR)”

Certainly what these early reformers felt about publicity as a means of social control has not been fulfilled. Appropriate messages should be crafted based on careful study of group psychologyl.beenays disseminated by not merely purveying but actually creating news. Child’s expectation of a growing and accepted public interest in important industrial enterprises, the reader can opinlon for himself.

An index of the value placed on their serv- ices by the companies which engaged them is indicated by their salaries. Official publications de- signed to be passed around among small groups of public servants expanded into a daily newspaper, The Acta Diurna.

Roumania wanted to plead its case be- fore the American people. By Cicero’s time the technique of supplying news to interested parties had developed into a specialized activity. The Depression which followed this period put busi- ness into the dog house for a long time. Bernays then sketched a picture of the public relations expert as a member opinioon the ‘intellegent few’ who advises clients on how to ‘deal with the masses