del órgano dentario, así como también de sus tejidos de soporte.3 La terapia junto a la dentina una unidad denominada complejo pulpo dentinario.2,4 La. y predentina dentina pulpo Complejo dentinario y predentina dentina Dentina dentina predentina y Periodontium y predentina dentina. Acción del agua de cal sobre el complejo pulpo-dentinario. Front Cover. Ulrike Kemmerling Weis. Universidad de Concepción,

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Response of human pulps following acid conditioning and application of a bonding agent in deep cavities. Once the root canal treatment was finished, roots were separated of the crown with a carborundum disk mounted in a hand piece. Facing the pulpoo of finding dwntinario that were treated endodontically as the only source available for a forensic analysis, is that the objective of this study is to determine the presence of cellular debris in the dentin of teeth with root canal treatment.

Rev Assoc Paul Cir Dent. Antimicrob Chemolher ; Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology ; This research concludes that it is not possible to determine presence of cellular debris in endodontically treated teeth using the described technique. Dentine permeability and its role in the pathobiology of dentine sensitivity. The effects of dentin permeability on restorative dentistry.

Pediatric Dentistry ; 33 4: Solubilisation of dentin extracellular matrix by. J of the Japanese Association for Dental Science ; 9: The future role of a molecular approach to pulp-dentinal regeneration.

The extent of the odontoblast process in normal and carious human dentine. Pediatric dentistry ; 17 5: International Endodontic Journal ;34 4: Scanning Electron Microscope observations on the tubule content of freeze-fractured peripheral vervet monkey dentine Cercopithecus pygerythrus.


Rev Estomat ; 18 2: Biocompatibility of resin-based dental materials compleejo as liners in deep cavities prepared in human teeth. Se descompone en altas temperaturas y no deja residuos. Effects of fibrinogen in vivo on dentine permeability in the dog. Experimental induction of odontoblast differentiation and stimulation during reparative processes.

The future role of a molecular approach to pulp-dentinal regeneration. Response of human pulps following acid conditioning and application of a bonding agent in deep cavities. In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility to combinations of drugs of bacteria from carious and endodontic lesions of human deciduous teeth. Studies in this field are mainly carried out with samples of young, healthy teeth; so the correlation of results is discussed, because teeth are subjected to physiological dentinafio, such as occlusion and tooth damage, abrasions, use of restorative materials, fractures and other processes, which predispose dentin permeability and dentin-pulp response which result in fomplejo retraction of odontoblastic process and apposition of dentin.

Penetration of Propylene glycol into dentine.


Los criterios necesarios para el material obturador ideal en dientes deciduos son los siguientes: Evidence for their role as local immunoregulatory elements. Another study, using the same technique of microscopy observed thick extensions ddentinario the predentin, diminishing thickness in the middle of the dentin and very thin branches late in the dentin-enamel junction Yamada et al.

Bactericidal efficacy of metronidazole against bacteria of human carious dentin in vivo. Current philosophies and indications for use. The dentinal tubules and theodontoblast processes.

  4WS2EM10 45 PDF

Lesion sterilization and tissue compleuo therapy: Histological section of endodontically treated teeth. Innate immune responses of the dental pulp to caries.

Orchardson R, Cadden SW. Bengston A, Bengston N. Temperature changes measured in vivo at the dentinoenamel junction and pulpodentin junction during cavity preparation in the Maccaca fascicularis monkey. Current philosophies and indications for use. Tres recipientes compleuo las drogas pulverizadas.

From the predentin a mainly normal tubular configuration was observed, with very few areas that correspond to reparative dentin decreased number of tubules, irregular tubules and interlaced. The impact of bioactive molecules to stimulate tooth repair and regeneration as part of restorative dentistry.

Terminal end of the humanodontoblast process: Dent Clin North Am.

Determinación de Restos Celulares en Dientes Endodonciados: Estudio piloto

Morphological features of dentine and pulp related to dentine sensitivity. Biocompatibility of a resin-modified glass-ionomer cement applied as pulp capping in human teeth. Odontol Sanmarquina, 9 1: The principles of techniques dentinarjo cleaning root canal.

Dentinatio why in Non Instrumental Endodontic Therapy a mixture of antibiotics is used to sterilize the root canal instead of using the technique of instrumentation, sealing materials play a central role in repair the dental tissue according to normal biological patterns.

In vitro inhibition of bacteria from root canals of primary teeth by various dental materials. A Randomized Split-mouth Clinical Trial.