Skousen see’s America being cleansed by a “scourge”. There is no elaboration on the scourge other than the discussion of Charles Evan’s. The Hardcover of the The Cleansing of America by W. Cleon Skousen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. The Cleansing of America by W Cleon Skousen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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According to the author, this is not so, but there cleansiing be a free enterprise system as well, based upon the Constitution. Retrieved May 2, Ekousen mutilated bodies of the two prophets will suddenly arise up from the ground, fully restored. By doing that which is right…. For some reason I do not believe in isolationism, and I don’t think God expects us to be isolated, at least not to the cleansimg mentioned in this book.

I knew that he had strongly held beliefs and I was very interested in what he had to say. By the time of the second dictatorship, Ezekiel indicates this will have been accomplished. This usually happens prior to any immorality. With scholarships and encouragements, he left California in to work as a government aid in Washington DC. Cleon Skousen spent the majority of his life researching the gospel, the U. They will be acting and not be acted upon of their own free will, not being commanded in all things.

Now we are ready for Revelation, chapter skoussen.

My Review of “The Cleansing of America” by Skousen – LDS Freedom Forum

Skousen and then published. Retrieved July 1, I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the last days which should be all of us! Some I’ve known will be OK with it. The prophet Isaiah saw our day and wrote a whole chapter about the coining forth of the Book of Mormon and the marvelous work and a wonder that would follow among other things, he said:.

It left me wanting to be I learned a lot and not just about the final days as laid out by John the Revelator. Skousen’s books are no longer used as texts at the school.

And how would they ever have the military strength to win a decisive victory of a dictatorship that had ruled the whole world for three-and-half years? It really gave me pause to ponder whether or not I’m as prepared as I could be for the “great and terrible day”. My only concern with this book is that, while the topics are well researched, there seems to be a lot of speculation by the author.


And it shall be said. America being sealed off by rough seas and the 2 prophets in Jerusalem not being from the US were new thoughts I found in this book.

Other parts of the book were more interesting than gospel but I liked Skousen’s interpretation of a Zion society. It is a great burden to know what is going to happen in our day and not be able to tell about it. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat For three-and-a-half years these prophets will hold Gog and these great gentile armies at bay.

John says the first worldwide dictatorship will come into its full dimension of power shortly after the year 2, but its beginning will be during the sixth seal. However, at this point, John saw that the first dictatorship would make a lethal mistake which will eventually wipe it out of existence.

God will not be mocked. It wasn’t so much that the writing or the style were out of the ordinary, but the information that was presented truly was amazing. Constitution as a divinely inspired document that was under siege.

W. Cleon Skousen

In any event we now have the whole story in the Book of Mormon, and it probably gives us far greater details than John could have provided. Cleon quickly agreed to help, and throughout the coming months he became a true champion of my candidacy.

His many books and recordings addressed diverse subjects ranging from the raising of boys, to the principles of good government, to prophetic history. The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble. I suspected that it would not end well.

Outside of the obviously unsettling aspects of this book the vicious, unrealistic, and highly problematic form of “justice” Skousen advocates as well as the bigotry toward homosexuals and the genocide mentioned above”The Cleansing of America” is full of nutty goodness. During the years he had carefully read the writings of Isaiah and quoted thirteen chapters of Isaiah because he knew that prophet had seen the same vision as Lehi, Nephi and Jacob.


Sad on one hand and hopeful and amazing on the other. I highly recommend it to anyone who is wo This book is a great easy read and I recommend it to anyone who is depressed or discouraged whenever they think of the last days and all the events leading up to the Second Coming. Other than that issue I really liked this book.

Skousen was a professor at Brigham Young University and scholar whose studies in Israel were legendary, so this is the culmination of a lifetime of his research. Joseph Smith made it plain to Wilford Woodruff that the Priesthood of this dispensation are working under a fantastic deadline to teach everyone who has died without the gospel since the apostolic times. Now John is ready to transfer his attention from the five chapters outlining the preparations in heaven for the Second Coming and concentrate on the unfolding of these events on earth.

Cleon Skousen brings information to the table that so few understand, and he does it in a way that left me spellbound, awestruck, and wanting more understanding altogether on the topic.

The Cleansing of America by W. Cleon Skousen

He doesn’t clearly delineate how the timelines in America and Jerusalem will fall in line. Oh and did I mention this skouseen NOT a book about political science?

The end notes are in all different forms which supports the idea that the chapters are other bits that he put together. It is sad to know it’s only going to get worse. Notice his bold attempt to describe the strange mobile units which he saw:. It helps the reader understand: I think the “remnant”, those Americans who will be spared, will include people able to participate in the restoring of skouden 28 principles of liberty to government.

But the traditional site for the temple has been occupied since A.