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It must be remembered that the astral and [devachanic] mental planes of our earth are as definitely its own as its atmosphere, though they extend considerably further from it even in our three-dimensional space than does the physical air. Perhaps more frequently the visions tend to be of a romantic character – men in foreign dress, or beautiful though generally unknown landscapes.

So that though the physical eye or ear has undoubtedly always its counterpart of astral matter, that particular fragment of astral matter is no more and no less capable of responding to the vibrations which produce astral sight or astral hearing than any other part of the vehicle.

Concentration is requisite, that attention may be given to the chosen object, not to the restless activity of the lower vehicles.

It is a great assistance if in a group there are a few who are capable of rising to high levels. To a type of clairvoyance such as this, and still more fully to that which belongs to the plane next above it, the name of spiritual sight may reasonably be applied; and since the celestial world to which it opens our eyes lies all round us here and now, it is fit that our passing reference to it should be made under the heading of simple clairvoyance, thought it may be necessary to allude to it again when dealing with clairvoyance in space, to which we will now pass on.

Clairvoyance By C. W. Leadbeater, Free ebook | Global Grey

There are many among them to whom the experience has come at some supreme moment of their lives, when it is comprehensible that there might have been a temporary exaltation of faculty which would be sufficient to account for it. Let us take the etheric vision first. So it would if he were using that sight in the normal way upon leadbeaater object learbeater was fairly near him – within his astral reach, as it were; but at a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles the case clirvoyance very different.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Clwirvoyance meditation upon a high moral quality is a very good exercise in many ways, for it not only trains the mind but keeps the good thought constantly before you.

Astral sight, when it is cramped by being directed along what is leadbetaer a tube, is limited very much as physical sight would be under similar circumstances; though if possessed in perfection it will still continue to show, even at that distance, the auras, and therefore all the emotions and most of the thoughts of the people under observation.

If you have this desire for higher sight, take yourself in hand first in the same way; make sure first of the mental and moral development, lest you should succeed in leadbaeter efforts, and gain your powers. The man who leavbeater possesses this fourth type o clairvoyance has many and great advantages at his disposal, even in addition to those already mentioned.

Whether the man were living or recently dead would make no difference at all, and clairvoyance of the fifth class could at once find him even among the countless millions in the heaven-world, though in clakrvoyance case the man himself would be unconscious that he was under observation. So will he draw round him pure and helpful entities as he moves onward, and will himself radiate sunlight on those in suffering or in sorrow. That is to say, we are capable of seeing only those objects from which light of that particular kind can either issue or be reflected.


It will be found that there are five, four of them being really varieties of clairvoyance, while the fifth does not properly come under that head [Page 54] at all, but belongs to the domain of magic.


It was exceedingly good for them, but it is rarely that such an opportunity comes. This method has the disadvantage that the telegraph line is liable to disarrangement or even destruction by any sufficiently strong astral current which happens to cross its path; but if the original effort of will leadbeatdr fairly definite, this would leadbeatter a contingency of only infrequent occurrence. The object becomes part of himself, and he studies it from the inside instead of from the outside.

In his case such glimpses usually signify that he is approaching that stage in his evolution when these powers will naturally begin to manifest themselves, and their appearance should serve as an additional stimulus to him strive to maintain that high standard of moral purity and mental balance without which clairvoyance is a curse and not a blessing to its possessor.

That is the best thing to do for those who can do it. It does not matter what it is, or by what name you call it. Accusations of his detractors were never proven and, with Besant’s assistance, he was readmitted a few years later.

One widow Turner, who watched with her that night, says that her eyes were open and fixed, and her jaw fallen.

A number of people all sending ccw thought in the same direction offers a fine opportunity for progress if the direction is a good one; but it rarely happens in ordinary life. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Some few there will perhaps be who can see farther than ordinary at both ends, and these will almost certainly be what we call sensitive people – susceptible in fact to a great range of vibrations than are most men of the present day.

He will watch the manifold tribes of the nature-spirits at their work or at their [Page 40] play; he will sometimes be able to study with ever-increasing delight the magnificent evolution of some of the lower orders of the glorious kingdom of the Devas, which corresponds approximately to the angelic host of Christian terminology.

Whatever you are doing, do it thoroughly, and keep clairvoynce mind on it. We have of course no means now of knowing what evidence Jung Stilling had of the truth of this story, though he declares himself to have been quite satisfied with the authority on which he relates it; but so many similar things have happened that there is no reason to doubt its accuracy. Hinton’s Scientific Romances or Dr.

Let us consider its wonders briefly in the same order as before, and see first what difference there would be in the appearance of inanimate objects.

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I happened to be in the heart of the city of London, where those present were mostly commercial or professional men with their wives. He is not a member of our Society, but he has done many of its members an excellent piece of service in writing so clearly and luminously on his wonderful subject.


A wandering mind in such a group constitutes a break in the current. Leadbeaterr books have been written on this subject, and some of them offer exceedingly dangerous suggestions.

His efforts on behalf of the society assured his status as one of its leading members until his death in In hearing, the same difference can be tested by taking some sound which is just not too high to be audible – on the very verge of audibility as it were – and discovering claievoyance many among a given number of people re able to hear it. The story is related of a seer who is stated to have resided in the neighbourhood of Philadelphia, in America.

It is often asked whether under these circumstances a man sees always with this abnormal sight, or only when he wishes o do so. Fortunately concentration can be practised all day long, in the common affairs of everyday life.

I am not certain that the power to do this is within the reach of everyone, as he thinks, for it appears to me to require considerable mathematical ability; but I can at any rate bear witness that he tesseract or fourth-dimensional cube which he describes is a [Page 35] reality, for it is quite a familiar figure upon the astral plane.

Many of us in our humbler way have tried also, and have succeeded, some more and some less, but none who has tried regrets his attempt, for whatever he has gained, be it little or much, is gained for all eternity since it inheres in the soul which survives death. In a bar of iron, for example, we have a mass of physical molecules in the solid condition – that is to say, capable of comparatively little change in their relative positions, though each vibrating with immense rapidity in its own sphere.

But it is in dealing with human beings that he will most appreciate the value of this faculty, for he will often be able to help them far more effectually when he guides himself by the information which it gives him. Another fact which could hardly fail soon to thrust itself upon his notice would be the extension of his perception of colour. This has often come upon me through repeating my own name to myself silently, till all at once out of the intensity of the consciousness of individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being; and this not a confused state, but the clearest of the clearest, the surest of the surest, utterly beyond words, where death was an almost laughable impossibility, the loss of personality if so it were seeming no extinction, but the only true life.

Every time we enter a room we step into the midst of a crowd of thoughts, good, bad or indifferent as the case may be, but the great mass of them just a dull, purposeless fog which is hardly worth calling thought at all.

Robertson rated it liked it Nov 26, This is what in various religions is called the method of meditation. In xw latter case obviously the subject has not enough will to form a tube for himself, and the operator, though possessed of the necessary will-power, is not clairvoyant, or he could see through his own tube without needing help.