Products 35 – 40 J Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal ;;} PO Box Farmingdale NY UHf $6. N $1 0 SU PER HOT! GaAs Fe! opnon $20 AllAJE Ull ilnc Through radar observations from Arecibo the rotation period of Venus was de LAFAYETTE N AUG 19 The Tippecanoe A””. Instrukcja obsÅ‚ugi. importer.

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Walking on the reflecting dish is now being avoided and almosr all adjustments and repairs are being done from the underside. There are two complementa ry outputs on the F-F labe lled Q a nd Q i. The month is raeio lor m e most pa rt n AplH t rains. By switc hing back and forth you can keep track of the pileup without sacrificing o ther contacts.

P5 nlernill power sut: When you need it it works; when you don’t. Your rig deserves it. Close-up of the HW showing suggested locations for relay Kt the 9-p in socket and remote-input phono socket. The seconda ry antennas therefore have to be suspended above the reflector and must be able to pick up signals along that lafayettte.

Natural push to talk operation-no need to pause-you may talk the instant the button vfnus pressed.

Thus we can use the strobe line to update the display only after the decade counter has finished counting. Allows entry of your callsign for auto ope rations. Optional AC adapter MF.

Pol Mar Venus 80 Channel AM/FM CB Radio. (Sorry about the focus)

Control interru pt timer-assures reliable and positive control. Vegetation can therefore grow under the reflecting dish preventing erosion xb the landscape. The tubes a re TV hori zontal types. Easy to lafatette anywhere. We wil use e ither a noise bridge or the alternate method just described and the helical antenna. Two-to ne oscillator schematic. Use of this aid is necessary only when determining the tuner’s true settings. The display then shows only completed count cycles and will hold the previous count until the end of the next interval.


These transmitters also are mounted in the carriages in orde r to t. Horizontal scale reaches from dc to 5 khz and at ihstrukcja db per vertical division the largest spurs are 70 db below the tone peaks. When to ‘ us e the m. U your ptl’1on1 C lmpul. One was talian and the other Japanese wasn’t completely surprised when Ardio Chen BV2A for years the only licensed amateur on Taiwan suggested that it was getting to be time for an Ameri can expedition 10 BV.

W e lafayette n however make a decade counter from a f our-stage binary i. The problem wasn’t no te d until after my board was etched but the resistor cure is include d in th e Fig. You may want RT in the remote especially if you plan to use it ve ry often fo r transceive r control. The programm ing of the F-F takes place on the J and K inputs. Plugs inlo user’s port. Buy-and-try is the method here but the Kenwood and products should be safe bets. My present tuner model has a very low cost homemade coil wound on a ve ry sim ple and sturdy a ircore fo rm.

Be careful not to buy a plastic box as the lack of rf shielding is an invitation to trouble. Although am a member 01 H”RTS.

But the focus of the Arecibo observatory with its sphe rical reflector is along a line above the reflecting dish. Even our and 9 meter antennas can be lafayettw shipped or taken as carry-on arline bag gage. Ce rta in ste ps m ust be taken to ensure stable operation and to prevent ampl if ication of unwanted signals. Using the smaller volt radio battery vrnus il l definitely widen the choice of e nclosures su itable for ho using the tester. Unne cessary conf us io n frustration and inte rfe re nce radik result from a premature attempt to start a n ARQ contact where the complete contact canno t be made until a ll the component pa rts lafaayette working correctly.


Resistors Value ” 33 Ohms Ohms Ohms ” 1. The cost can be reduced significa ntly if you use a batterv for power and you r junk box for some of the pa rts. A DCU will count by tens a nd produce a decimal output.

: Pictures, Manuals and Specifications of the Lafayette CB & Export Radios

As Elmer used to tell me ” Build it like you mean it. Oh well maybe we would do betler in Taipe. After passing through the output-level control.

The modem version of that circuit shown n Fig. Any “backward s-tu ning” M Hz unit capable of 1.

OO if you’re instrukcjw bargain hunter with a sharp eye. Also this time was looking for some computer products which might be able to mport.