Graffiti Moon. An intense and exhilarating 24 hours in the lives of four teenagers on the verge: of adulthood, of HSC, of finding out just who they are, and who. Graffiti Moon is Cath’s fifth novel, following the three Gracie Faltrain novels and the award-winning Chasing Charlie Duskin. MORE ABOUT Cath Crowley >. This outstanding book by yet another terrific Australian young adult author is set in Melbourne, Australia, and alternates narration among.

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Its an experience not unlike the way Ed describes a Rothko painting: Yes, I know he’s 18, but if he wants to be independent, he better starts acting like it. Regardless of which edition you have, you’re good.

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley | : Books

It’s about decisions and moments that are lost between the words. I definitely hate myself since I really had no intention of reading this book insert gasp here. Never mind that you never actually talked to this guy. People who are looking for the collision.

And the point of street art, the reason for its existence, is to connect.

It’s an incredibly sweet, delightfully romantic story that can not be on your unread shelf. Well, for the same reason you should!

Of course the main theme of the story is basically about love or more particularly about finding one. Letting yourself get trapped like that? I’ve never read her works before now but I am getting as many books as I can find of Cath Crowley’s. I love it when an author realises the importance of a brilliant supporting cast.


GRAFFITI MOON by Cath Crowley | Kirkus Reviews

Most of the time, their bond was kind of flat, but I still ended up rooting for them. Everyone who love YA contemporary. I loved how it was bittersweet, naive, hopeful and absolutely hysterical.

It’s simple, just a yellow can of spray that could paint you the whole world, that can take all the beautiful words in the world and put them together in the most perfect story I’ve ever read. View all 16 comments.

Wonderfully written, really cute plot in a span of 24 hours, smart characters and affecting story. However, Graffti didn’t feel it lessened the mystery or allure of Shadow, especially since Lucy truly has no idea.

As they travel by bicycle around the city, Ed takes Lucy on a tour of hidden sites where he has painted graffiti. So Lucy and Ed end up paired off, much to their mutual chagrin. Jazz assumes she’s a psychic and it’s so repetitive I wanted to smack her down multiple times.

Paints birds trapped on brick walls and people lost in ghost forests.

Graffiti Moon

It could be that I was completely jealous that you were living my dream in the most perfect, swoony, beautiful, gorgeous [insert gushing adjective caath way and I wanted to push you off a mountain so I could step into your place because I have long brown hair and I once went to a glass museum and I watch a man blow glass so I could blag it and I crowldy graffiti so I could blag that too and no one would know the difference and me and Ed would live happily ever after on love, art and delicious, delicious sausage rolls.


There was a problem adding your email address. Cath Crowley also does such a wonderful job with Leo and Ed— two boys grafifti manage to be sensitive and artistic without seeming whiny or pretentious.

There was a lot of repetition of dialogues when switching points of view and that was extremely pointless. I am sure I won’t be able to do it justice. I loved loved the humor, the flirtatious banter and easy fit wit. It was an exhausting night. Everyone who’s ever added this book to their favorites pile is absolutely right to do so and this is another addition to my growing fave list. The guy who paints in the dark. These are real, raw personalities who express themselves with art, while trying to find their place in this big, unforgiving world.

View all 4 comments. View all 20 comments. Jazz and Leo start flirting, which leaves Lucy with Ed.