Oscar Darío Citeli (Caja de Compensación familiar de Nariño). Teonila Castro Generalidades del cáncer gástrico en Colombia. el riesgo de desarrollar Cáncer gástrico: Tumaco-Nariño, bajo riesgo; gástricas como: gastritis crónica, úlcera péptica, Cáncer gástrico y linfoma tipo MALT. Alvaro Pazos Universidad de Nariño; Luis Eduardo Bravo Univalle; Andrés Betancourt Palabras clave: Gastritis crónica; microbiota láctica; cáncer gástrico ;.

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As with other infection-related cancers, the incidence and mortality rates are higher in less developed countries and two-thirds of gastric cancer deaths occur bario of the high-income countries. With one exception, all of these patients were H.

Gastric cancer: Overview

In Japan, gastrici diagnosis of gastric adenocarcinoma is based on nuclear and structural epithelial criteria even without stromal invasion. This measure is not recommended due to the risk of the appearance of antimicrobial-resistant strains, not only for H.

In general, gastric cancer rates are twice as high in men as in women.

While gastric intestinal metaplasia is prevalent, ranging from 7. The regions of greatest genetic variation are: The variation is observed between regions, countries, and provinces nariio countries.

Prevalence and severity of gastric cancer precursor lesions in a high risk area

Relative risk of gastric cancer by altitude in Chilean counties, — adjusted by age, sex, and population size. In the United States, the rates of adenocarcinoma of the cardia have stabilized over the past decade.

However, the management should be individualized according to other risk factors, such as family history of gastric cancer, geographic origin, smoking, or persistence of gastrointestinal symptoms. In Colombia, stomach cancer also rn fourth in incidence after prostate, breast, and cervical cancers and second in gaetrico after prostate cancer 3. Infection, inflammation and gastric cancer.


If the patient is under 40 years old, endoscopic checkups every 3 years are recommended. N Engl J Med. Gastric cancer and Helicobacter pylori: While the OLGA system is of great importance for the risk that these entities represent, especially for many research groups and for referral centers for these pathologies, the daily gatrico of professionals who care for patients with to these types of pathologies cannot easily, practically or routinely use OLGA Classification.

Thus, in Chile, the risk of gastric cancer may be more related to race and ethnicity, age of H.

Although there are not clearly defined criteria, intestinal metaplasia may be considered extensive when it is present in more than one of the biopsy samples obtained from different regions of the stomach during an endoscopic procedure, or when the metaplasia occupies a large part of a gastric biopsy.

In Japan and Korea, where gastric cancer is highly prevalent, national programs for mass screening and early detection have been implemented. Suerbaum S, Michetti P. The patients were monitored for one year, with an upper endoscopy conducted one year after the eradication of H.

Correa P, Bravo L. The etiology of gastric cancer is multifactorial, wherein the genetics of both the host and the bacteria are important, with modulation by other environmental factors such as diet and smoking. Eb indications for upper endoscopy to be performed were dyspepsia tests in 33 Ushijima T, Hattori N.

We emphasize more frequent checkups for patients under 40 years old because we are aware, as mentioned in our studies 4,5,27that the lower the age of onset of the dynamic process of development of premalignant lesions, the faster is the progression towards more advanced lesions and the faster the intervention must be for primary prevention.


Cases of complete intestinal metaplasia type I showed loss of the gastric glands due to the replacement of normal glands by metaplastic glandular structures coated with incipient small intestine epithelium Figure 3.

Caracterización de la microbiota láctica gástrica asociada a gastritis crónica

Colombian congress of digestive diseases. The author highlights the great caution that must be taken by this population considering that gastric gland atrophy that quite possibly could progress to intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia and gastric carcinoma with time and other associated factors occurs at such young ages Both species Homo sapiens and H.

Projections suggest that in high-income countries HICgastric cancer deaths will decrease fromin toinwhereas in less developed areas, deaths will increase fromin toin Altitude may be a surrogate for the clustering of host, bacterial, dietary, and environmental factors related to gastric cancer risk.

Over time, the foci of atrophy and metaplasia may increase in size, coalesce, and occupy large areas. In this study, the regression of intestinal metaplasia was observed in 25