Vanguard Cruciate Retaining (CR) Knee Design Features. Introduction. .. Ascent™ Total Knee Systems1–3 and combined state- of-the-art design features . Learn more about the Vanguard Complete Knee System from Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet’s Vanguard® Revision Knee System delivers customizable implant combinations to offer a personalized patient approach to revision knee.

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To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use IFU for full prescribing and risk information, please callpress 4 for Technical Support.

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Of these, one was revised at 4. Two tibial components were revised for aseptic loosening 0. Features of the Vanguard Revision Knee System buomet The remainder of the femoral preparation was performed with the use of a standard posterior referencing guide with the goal of rotational alignment being parallel to the epicondylar axis using a measured resection technique.

Prior biomechanical studies have supported that the surface cement technique affords similar baseplate fixation as compared to the fully cemented technique, including eccentric loading as may be seen in varus and valgus alignment [ 1524253234 ].

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For information about cookies in general, and the specific ones that may be set by this website, please read our Cookies Policy. The average anatomic axis, measured on longstanding postoperative radiographs, was 4 degrees of valgus Table 1. Two femoral stabilization options: Thus, we retrospectively reviewed the clinical and radiographic outcomes of consecutive primary TKAs performed jnee surface cemented tibial components.

The mobile bearing systems feature advanced stability kbee wear characteristics, and our posterior stabilized systems are designed to accommodate the restoration of high-flexion daily activities.


An analysis of candidacy, outcome and cost efficacy. Patients were followed according to a prospective clinical and radiographic protocol for primary and revision TKA madim has been consistently used at our institution sincewith scheduled followup at 2 bimoet, 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, and every years thereafter. Two cases of suspected aseptic loosening of the tibial component were identified and very few knees demonstrated radiographic radiolucencies.

De Corte, and J. This material is intended for health care professionals. Please select a location and click search to find an associate near you. The average age was 62 years range, 30—84 years and the average body mass index BMI was Pelt and Christopher L. Introduction Although results of tibial component fixation with cement in total knee arthroplasty TKA have been good, [ 1 — 14 ] the ideal technique of cementing is still debated [ maxxim — 18 ].

The benefits of the Vanguard Revision Knee System include:. Pulsatile lavage was then used for final surface preparation. Given the positive clinical and radiological outcomes seen in this series and only a small amount of complications demonstrated along with the theoretical advantages of improved proximal tibial bone density and less tibial bone loss at the time of revision, we feel that surface cementing the tibial component is a reasonable technique for consideration in total knee arthroplasty.

In order to further enhance surface cement penetration, Dorr et al. bikmet

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Little data exists regarding outcomes following TKA performed with surface-cementation for the fixation of modular tibial baseplates with press-fit keels. Zimmer Biomet offers a wide variety of solutions that address fixation, constraint, soft tissue and boney defect management challenges that are often encountered during revision knee arthroplasty. Patients were included in the study, if they had received a modular titanium baseplate with a cruciform keel using a surface cemented technique and had a minimum five-year followup or failure of the TKA prior to five years.


Radiographs were evaluated by one of the authors according to the Knee Society Total Knee Arthroplasty Roentgenographic Evaluation and Scoring System [ 27 ] for radiolucent zones, femoral component flexion and valgus, tibial component slope and varus, and anatomic axis was measured on the longstanding film for overall mechanical alignment.

The Vanguard Knee System offers an entire spectrum of knee stability, including: Surgery was either performed under general or spinal anesthetic with a femoral nerve block after Values less than were considered statistically significant.

Brown, NM, et al. Although support for the technique of surface cementation with press-fit designs of the tibial component exists in the literature, [ 2428 ] other studies have demonstrated higher failure rates jaxim this technique [ 2029 ].

System Specification Guide and Product Catalog. Zimmer Biomet also has fully customizable knee implant options. The design features and instrumentation allow surgeons to achieve optimal component positioning and efficiently address unique patient anatomies.

As the number of TKAs performed in North America increases exponentially in the next several decades, [ 38 ] continued effort to define optimum biomef design and surgical technique will become increasingly important. These results support the surface cement technique with a modular grit-blasted titanium surface and cruciform stem during primary TKA.

After the cut surface of the tibia was checked for proper alignment, the tibia was broached with a cruciform tibial punch slightly undersized from the real tibial keel to achieve true press fit.

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