, Local anesthetics: hydrophilic and hydrophobic pathways for the drug-receptor reaction. B Hille. The Journal of general physiology 69 (4), Bertil Hille helped establish the concept of ion channels as membrane proteins forming gated aqueous pores. He showed that Na + and K + channels of axons. Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes by Bertil Hille (). $ Hardcover. Books by Bertil Hille. Showing 3 Results Books: Advanced Search.

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That was the standard structure that I had.

Bertil Hille

Structure-activity and all those things. And in the winters, one of my connections at the time from both Duke and Rochester was with Chile. Rivals in the field describe him as having an uncanny depth of insight. InHille, always keeping an eye on the medical implications of his research, described the molecular interaction of local anesthetics acting on sodium channels, thereby laying the foundation for understanding the mechanisms of anesthesia.

But I didn’t really pursue that very strongly because I felt that it would be so easy hilke Hodgkin and Huxley to simply, let’s say, raise h the inactivation variable to the second power and thereby provide a lag in the inactivation.

It was clear from that experiment and from the TEA experiment that the gate had to be on the inside and it was, of course, abundantly clear since the time of Hodgkin and Huxley that the gate ihlle to be voltage sensitive, and that that meant that there was charge movement, and now the charge movement had been identified.

And then what you see the future of ion channel work being and what advice you might have for young people that are considering a career in science. These are examples of people who I, almost within the first week, became closely associated with, and our group was very highly intellectual and had a lot of different backgrounds.


All of our thoughts, all of our motions involve the action of millions of ion channels—billions.

Well, I think it’s nice. So how can you make a hole that does accept the big one and doesn’t accept the little one? I also studied ion fluxes, which began me on the kinds of problems that I am still working on today.

Bertil Hille – Google Scholar Citations

So that was defining the size and shape of the hole, for which we don’t yet know if the answer is right. Biologically speaking, human beings are frequently described in a number of ways.

Various of the paralyses and myotonias. The MBL is really one of the places of my dreams. It was because Alex Mauro had written to these places and said, “My student is coming by, and he’d like to give a talk.

Holle I gradually began to feel that if you were interested in electronics and you had to use it, you didn’t have to be some electrical engineer to fix it because here was Fred Dodge, who had just come from New Hampshire and wasn’t an engineer, and he was enjoying it, and it was very rational. And that was a matter of detailed empirical description and not so easy to come by.

No, no, no, it’s great fun. Ion channels of excitable membranes B Hille Sinauer Hille was born in New HavenConnecticut. Skip to primary content. But Betril thought that was really an extremely graceful gesture. Read more Read less.


Ionic channels of excitable membranes: Bertil Hille: : Books

So maybe, for the person who’s not familiar with this, maybe you put this into some sort of a theoretical And then hlle first paper that came out promised four more papers—I just read it today—which were papers that came out over the next four years on a variety of subjects that we’ll be betril to shortly. You know the discussion between Crick and Hodgkin that I think Hodgkin in his autobiography or Crick in his autobiography mentions, in which Hodgkin asked Crick, what kinds of molecules might mediate these currents?

Did you and others appreciate how awesome the conclusions were that you could draw from that? I mean, I sat bergil these data for a whole year while I just sat and wrestled with the problem of, do I have to take all the water off?

But in any case it was potassium selective, and I think many people assumed that was going to be the answer to the potassium selectivity problem. I wanted to ask you a little bit about how you see the place of ion channels in biology and medicine and then ask you a little bit about your family background and your family today.


Function and structure of ion channels

Jenny Ekberg Queensland University of Technology. Dan Tosteson was the chairman and Paul Horowitz was a huge attraction for me. The Journal of general physiology 50 5,