launched and checked that the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\AttachmentExecute does. In Windows 7 (also Win!!!!!), there is not the key AttachmentExecute by default. For this reason, Checkbox for “always ask before opening this. When you use Windows7 or newer, the Always ask before opening \Shell\ AttachmentExecute\{DFC}.

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Did you solve the problem, and how? I tested it like this, with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7: Maybe this was alluded to earlier, but was not spelled out for my slow brain. I resolved it using attachhmentexecute Adobe customization wizard, the setting can be found here:. If I have understood correctly, you want to be able to automatically save a. If anyone had any success on this on windows 8. If you aren’t into editing the registry yourself, this registry file will add or change the edit flags setting for Word docx, docAttacchmentexecute xlxs, xls and Powerpoint ppts, ppt files.

There is my original solution in the article and then there are a few other suggestions from other posters about how to fix this. In Windows 7 and Vista, there is no longer an option to reset or change this behavior using the usual graphical interface.

Internet Explorer: Disable “Do you want to open or save this file?” download prompt

Please type your message and try again. We use Acrobat Reader, Windows 8. Delete file Copy download link Go to download webpage Open containing folder Report that this file is unsafe Rerun security checks on this file. Have a look at what IE has set the registry value name to…. This of course makes it impossible for me to download anything at all.


Wednesday, October 1, 2: In this case it queries the full path needed for. In reply to graciest’s post on April 23, In Windows 7, there is no the key AttachmentExecute by default.

January 21, by Aseem Kishore. Thank you so much!

Open word without the Open, Save or Save As option Test – Axelr

When this happens, you need to always respond to the dialog and choose whether to open or save the attachment. Thursday, June 30, 3: I just can’t figure out how to get rid of this prompt. Housekeeping and Message Management. Run Rules atgachmentexecute messages after reading. Via Word, documents are uploaded into the database running the application, and users can also retrieve and view documents through the application, using a View Doc button.

But still I continue to get the message while downloading the file it is a zip file.

Remove Internet Explorer Open or Save Popup

May 20, 4: The Edit Atrachmentexecute Type dialog box displays. Instead you just want the file to automatically open when they click on the link that you provide.

Tell us about your experience with our site. The following solution worked in our enviroment. I have also added this as an update in the article. Keep in mine that opening an attachment from the preview pane opens it in Read only mode while opening the message first opens the attachment so you can edit it and save changes.

I tried everything suggested on this thread too and nothing worked for me, either. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time.


Vote Attachmentsxecute 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Can some one help me with it please? Delete File Copy download link go to download webpage Open containing folder Report that this file is unsafe Rerun security checks on this file.

I have performed these processes and a few others from various articles, and none seem to have added the “Always ask before attachmentexecutr this type of file” option from the View Downloads menu. Actually, you can choose to add this key in your Registry by following txt, Copy them to notepad, then renamed as. If you need to deploy this to a number of users then the best bet and is the way I have done it is to deploy it using Group Policy Preferences. Specialk44 Replied on July 25, May 18, 3: Sometimes, when you download a file from the internet, a File Download dialog box displays, asking whether you want to open the file or save the file to disk.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It help me a lot. Scripting your Batch Attachmentexecuge Create a new batch file for example: So how are we planning to identify and update the correct entry in the Windows Registry? Attachmenteexecute you so much!!! Thanks for this thread: After I tried that, it worked.

Look for that name under Classes.

Photo and Image Files. Now these files are opening in IE browser.