This update presents rules for a variety of Space Marine characters, most of which were originally Lord Asterion Moloc is a HQ choice for a Codex: Space. Asterion Moloc – posted in + Index Astartes +: What an incredible model, and such incredible rules to go with him. I think its absolute Heresy that. I’d recommend the Asterion Moloc model if nothing else. Currently FW chapters don’t have their own chapter tactics rules, they are supposed.

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Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi of the Minotaurs | – Miniatures Collectors Guide

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What are their legion tactics? I guess Siege and numbers? What are their legion rules? Do they have their own set of 8th edition rules? Best way to get unique models for them?

Mooc the way they get their reinforcements and such from the High Lords, mploc shouldn’t have any issues having high number of Primaris? I think so, but it should give some idea about where to look and what it may be? The IA book does have info on their background which you’ll find interesting and informative. I don’t think FW currently do chapter tactics for 8th edition. So youll have to pick and choose one of the standard chapters until that happens.

And for some reason, they only ever deploy in full chapter strength to significant warzones. They aren’t that similar to any one of the ‘vanilla’ codex chapters as far as I can see. FW is still the best source generally. I’d recommend the Asterion Molo model if nothing else. Rues terminators are sweet and fit the ‘Spartan’ image well, just need to find some round greek hoplite style shields for them.


Primaris marines, remember that the new gene tech is spearheaded by Guilliman and Cawl, and rulles lords don’t often see eye to eye with Guilliman. Minotaurs are known to be enemies with the Ultramarines and many other Marines chapters. So there may be some issues there.

But its your army so go ahead and grab primaris stuff if thats what you want – it is the latest and greatest tech after all.

Everything I read points to them having tons of Tartaros sets.


As Spartacus pointed out IA is a good source of fluff and lore but is 7th edition. Currently FW chapters don’t have their own chapter tactics rules, they are supposed to be released in future but FW are mute on when that might be.

At the moment you can pick any from the SM Codex. Forces of the Adeptus Astartes 3: Other Fluff conversion items from 3rd Parties. Places to look are shapeways for emblems, shoulder pads; Anvil Industry, Spellcrow, kromlech, wargame exclusive, scibor for heads, plumes, cloaks and other bits. They can have access to Primaris so shouldn’t have any issues.

Automatically Appended Next Post: We didn’t stand a chance Thanks for all the information I’m looking up paint schemes already, so I’m getting excited for it lol. I haven’t had any luck with FW finding Rhino doors and tank accessories. I’ll go look again though.

They don’t have transfer sheets do they? It feels like FW is giving up on Minotaurs? They aren’t even listed on the left hand side. In addition, in 7th they had a chapter tactic ‘Sanctioned Fratricide’. Bonus when in cc with marines.

Questions about the Minotaurs chapter – Forum – DakkaDakka

Please note, for those of you who play Chaos Daemons molo a faction the term “Daemon” is potentially offensive. Instead, please play codex “Chaos: Yep, I love that part of the fluff. I get to play against my opponents marines and tell them they’ve been put on the naughty list and I’ve been sent to punish them.


Read that in Deadpools voice Where did you get the shoulder molco for those guys Spartacus?

And thanks for the site Lakedes! I wonder if these would work as Minotaurs? Or maybe the Spartan Line instead of the Romans http: Where did you get the shoulder pads for those guys Spartacus?

If Tyberos falls and needs to catch himself it’s because the ground needed killing. Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney.

Indeed – what sort of bastard would want to use their codex? SoB players upset that they’re receiving the same condescending treatment that they’ve doled out in every CSM thread ever.

Well, I can’t wait around ru,es long. Our new season starts in January. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Questions about the Minotaurs chapter. Lakides Adolescent Youth with Potential Perth. Guilliman now controls the high lords and the Minotaurs are ferociously loyal to the High Lords. Guilliman would regonise that and use it to his benefit. FW discontinued the Decals and may of done the same for the doors as well.

The Decals you can get some 3rd Party just google ” 40k Minotaur Decals” The doors you can still get some on ebay. Alternatively check out Shapeways there are a couple of stores that do some really nice shoulder pads and emblems which can be added to vehicles. Thats what I meant. Earn these shields boys!

I can’t say for sure unfortunately, they were adterion second hand. I was under the impression they were an old Forgeworld product, because the resin used is exactly the same as the Asterion Moloc model. I love those assault Terminators.

How well do the Spears as Thunder Hammers work for your opponents though? Those Minotaurs are a very slow moving project. I’ve only ever played a few smaller games vs people I know well. I don’t imagine it would ever be an issue though! Pfft, you’re further than I am with any of my stuff because life and money.

I just finished recently with an Asterion stand-in, but I hadn’t decided how to base him or stuff.