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In this introduction to colour management, he gives a quick explanation as to why colour management is so important.

Unfortunately, this is a big mistake based on laziness and it is actually counterproductive. The demands on delivering perfectly retouched images with excellent color suddenly became the key priority. That was because I had followed the basics before each shot.

For many photographers and others, colour management is still a scary mystery; restricted to a small group of individuals with a PHD in colour theory who thrive on technicalities.

Read all posts Contact Privacy policy Terms of Use. The big upsides of colour management are huge savings in time, stress and money, by delivering consistently accurate results straight out of camera and continuing throughout post-production.

I also use X-Rite products to calibrate my display and create printer profilesso I can ensure totally consistent color accuracy from the moment I click the shutter button to the final print. I also became an X-Rite Coloratti Pro and worked closely with some other large companies within the industry.

X-Rite Partners: Ashley Karyl

It was absolutely true and within 12 months I became known for producing clean color beauty images of models. We just ashlwy to calibrate our equipment to industry standards and supply correctly white balanced images in the appropriate colour space. However, all of that changed when we started scanning, retouching and producing digital prints. It comes as a real revelation to most people when they learn how easy color management can be if they follow some basic good practices, like setting a custom white balance and calibrating the display.


At the time, I loved shooting reportage style fashion that received considerable artistic praise, but not much paid work. It is the biggest investment you can kkaryl in your photography. By continuing to browse our site, you accept our use of cookies and Terms of Use. In addition, you can maintain this consistency when you change camera, computer display, printers or even move to the other side of the world.

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned in Photography with Ashley Karyl

In reality it can be surprisingly easy with modern equipment and colour savvy software, once you get past the fast talking experts and concentrate on the basics. My emphasis is on maintaining control at every stage, to guarantee consistency and cut down dramatically on lost time and costs in post production.

From choosing your lenses right through to dealing with prepress printers and working with video. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Colour management was still limited in scope, but I became one of the early adopters because accurate colour was essential on big budget productions for advertising campaigns.

While photography is an art, if you are pursuing it as a career then it is also a business. Cosmetics companies are obsessed with kagyl accuracy because every season they are selling a precise shade of eyeshadow or lipstick etc, but there is no way a photographer can deliver that accuracy without an effective colour management workflow, during every step of the process. Over the years, I became increasingly more involved with colour management and eventually it became a reason that clients were hiring me as a photographer, because I was saving them a fortune in print costs.

For 11 years I was based in Milan, where I worked as a beauty photographer, shooting models for some of the top magazines wshley cosmetics companies, including Rimmel, Collistar, Io Donna and others. The number one thing I have learned in my photography career is really simple: It seems ironic that photographers will often spend thousands on cameras and lenses but then ruin it all by using a low quality or poorly calibrated display when editing their images.


However the burden of responsibility had shifted and mistakes were incredibly expensive. Countless hours were spent sweating over every word to make the key concepts easy to grasp and I deliberately avoided any technical terms without first explaining them karul that a six year old could understand. At long last they can regularly produce the colors they want, while saving time and money. Sooner or later, every photographer wonders why the colors in an image are all wrong and the questions always end with the same answer.

Simplifying Your Workflow With Colour Management Pro – Ashley Karyl

As digital photography became the standard, we suddenly had more control than ever, yet ironically, many photographers have been unwilling to take advantage of these possibilities and continue leaving it all to chance. This is a great opportunity to help the next generation of photographers produce consistently excellent color from day one of their careers.

At the start of I began writing a book on colour management and naively thought it would be finished in a six months, however the project grew in scope and after more than 3 years it was clear I had zshley underestimated the vast amount of testing and research that were required to cover all areas of interest to photographers.

One of my first advertising jobs was for Rimmel, who had a new line of products for which the color theme that season was grey. I give X-Rite permission to provide me with information about their products and services, and related product and services from X-Rite’s affiliates. Colour management starts before you even press the shutter button and ensures the smooth translation of colours from camera to display, before passing through print or some other display medium.