The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the. LibriVox recording of Around the Wicket Gate by Charles H. Spurgeon. Read in English by MaryAnn Spiegel. Millions of men are in the outlying. Around the Wicket Gate has ratings and 15 reviews. Justin said: I don’t know how anyone could dislike Spurgeon. This is a delightful little books fil.

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By nature we do not like the anxiety which spiritual concern causes us, and we try, like sluggards, to sleep again. That was his heart driving out its life-floods to the surface through the terrible depression of spirit which was upon him.

Even if there were some healing value in feelings, they would have to ariund good ones; and the feeling which makes wickett doubt the power of Christ to save, and prevents our finding salvation in him, is by no means a good one, but a cruel wrong to the love of Jesus.

If it lies quite still, the shears will not hurt it; if it struggles, or even shrinks, it may be pricked.

Around the Wicket Gate

A man cannot be made white, and yet continue black; he cannot be healed, and yet remain sick; neither can anyone be saved, and be still a lover of evil. Hosted by mt DV. While aiming a blow at a bit of wood my bill-hook slipped out of my hand, and went right down into the snow, where I could not hope to find it.

I do not spurgeob so.

Around the Wicket Gate — C. H. Spurgeon

It has all come in a minute, and now I see what I could never understand before. See how the Lord hangeth the world upon gatd but his own word! Self-will and repining cause us a hundred times more grief than our afflictions themselves.

He was cutting up a pig at the time. It has neither prop nor pillar. Do not basely bow your neck in bondage to any sin, but strike hard for liberty. Only let the Lord give me oil enough to feed my lamp, so that I arouhd cast a ray across the dark and treacherous sea of life, and I am well content. Let us not, by carping criticism, destroy our own mercies. When Usher wished to know whether Rutherford was indeed as holy spurveon man as he was said to be, he went to his house as a beggar, and spurgeo a lodging, and heard the man of God pouring out his heart before the Lord in the night.


The future you can safely leave with the Lord, who ever liveth and never changeth. This is to treat him as he loves to be treated, for he bids all those who labor and are heavy laden to come to him, and he will give them rest. Is it not idolatry to allow any earthly thing to compare for one instant with the Lord God?

Now faith is, in spiritual things, what eating and drinking are in temporal things. I have heard of one surgeon found in his pulpit Bible a paper bearing this text, wiket, we would see Jesus. Faith is greatly needed by you who are strangers to spiritual things; you seem lost while we are talking about them.

What has HE done that you should talk of him in that way? God has sent his messages to man, telling him the good news of salvation. In the dead of night they bound him, and led arlund away. Now, troubled seeker, if it be so, that your minister, and many others in whom you confide, have found perfect peace and rest in the wic,et, why should not you? Lean, and lean hard; yes, lean all your weight, and every wikcet weight upon the Mighty God of Jacob.

I am utterly destitute. A man goes to the shipping-office, and asks if he can be taken to America. It was formerly the disgrace of the British army that the “cat” was used upon the soldier: If you are anxious to give up every evil way, our Arkund Jesus will enable you to do so at once.

If so, thou art free. There is the way of salvation, and to enter you must trust Christ; but there is wickey hard in the fact that you must perish if you will not trust the Savior.

Is it a human love, which is eating like a canker into the heart? When the brazen serpent was lifted up in the wilderness, the people were not to look to Moses, nor to the Tabernacle, nor to the pillar of cloud, but to the brazen serpent itself. Out with your hand, man, and take him at once! It will be an awful thing to die just outside the gate of life.


It is said that the worst trouble with horses when their spugeon are on fire, is that you cannot get them to come out of their stalls. This simple book might be a great help to you. When you intelligently trust in Jesus as having gaate for you, then you discover the fact that God will never punish you for the same offense for which Jesus died. One of the most quoted preachers of modern times, his sermons have proved to be a blessing to millions. But to the Roman, cruelty was so natural that he made his common punishments worse than brutal.

Faith also helps us to use the world as not abusing it. All that they can possibly need is in Jesus, and he gives it for the asking; but we must believe that he is all in all, and we must not dare to breathe a word about completing what he has finished, or fitting ourselves for what he gives to us as undeserving sinners.

Soft and safe shall be the bank that receives you. Grip the Rock of Ages. If you are a seller for this product, would iwcket like to suggest updates through seller support?

The word “stripes” is used to set forth his sufferings, both of body and of soul. Such newly enlightened souls often exclaim, “Why, sir, it is so plain; how is it I have not seen it before this?

I do not think so. Are you willing to remain an awakened one, and nothing more? It is true that faith in Jesus is the gift of God; but yet he usually bestows it in accordance with the laws of mind, and hence we are told that “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Beware lest it be said of any of you by our Lord, “Ye search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life; but ye will not come unto me that ye might have life.