The Departure, published in June and written by K.A. Applegate, is the a contest where you could win an Animorphs towel – found at the back of book The Departure (Animorphs, vol. 19) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Cassie tires of the missions and secrecy of. Animorphs # The Departure [Author] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Better than some of the past ones.

The Departure

Tge that moment I felt like I was just doing my job, you know? But as important as Animorphs was, this book was always special; other than The Sickness, it was my very favorite. It seems like a very weak justification for letting her actually think she was making this sacrifice and then giving her a cheap cheat though of course it’s wonderful that she got to do it. It was nice to see a Yeerk’s POV that wasn’t “evil”. It’s a nice mix, the dynamics are fresh and new.

And she can’t understand why Cassie hasn’t killed her yet, despite having every chance and motive to do so.

Karen basically shows us that a Yeerk can acknowledge the harm it does. Both of them, two people from opposite sides of a war, only become more confused and conflicted as time goes on, and they ask each other genuinely difficult questions. Yeerks are about two inches long. Next up, probably the most intense WTF story arc of the entire series.

She restates her decision to quit, and the other Animorphs leave in anger, while Jake makes her promise never to departuer again.

Tired of being an Animorph. Like a couple previous books, it’s unclear whether a Yeerk with a morph-capable host body should really be able to morph into a creature departuure a skull smaller than a Yeerk. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. To lose my parents. In the Time of the Dinosaurs, Cassie has had enough.


The Animorphs group members each having their own way of reacting to battle was summarized by Cassie in the beginning of the book. Karen tries to force Cassie to reveal her true identity.

But then he looked away as well. The series is finally starting to branch out more and the direction they took here was interesting. Where this book completely freakin’ loses me, however, is when she voluntarily lets herself get infested, and conveniently “forgets” about the fact that a Yeerk can control the morphing power too.

Ospreys’ heads including the beak are only about three inches long. Kind of like all the Animorphs. And i didnt predict how it would end at all. Was I still an Animorph? This is the first Animorphs to really touch upon the moral dilemma of yeerks vs.

Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | The Departure (Book 19)

This tackles the deprature of war, and enemies in war, as well as right and wrong, humanity and inhumanity. I also feel like the impact on the characters doesn’t go away.

There is so much gray in this book it’s hard to believe. Description of David Mattingly’s sketch of the cover explaining how the original cover design doesn’t always get approved.

With all of these happy thoughts, Cassie goes to bed, only to be plagued by nightmares.

Series Re-read # The Departure – Fans of the Animorphs

While her relationships with the others does seem somewhat strained, most everyone except for Marco seems to forgive her. Her character is allowed to make stupid decisions that always turn out for the best. It showed up in the way Jake stood taller than before, and yet somehow a little worn out. Mar 30, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: I have found her previous stories to be boring, especially with her being conflicted about fighting anijorphs this war.


That will double my punishment. Feigning ignorance, Cassie helps Karen as they traverse the woods, Cassie warning her that a leopard that escaped from a private zoo is lurking about.

Jan 17, Nikki rated it it was amazing.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon 199. Karen herself is just a little girl. My favourite book so far from this series. And now they’re shutting down the clinic, and my dad tells me and I feel It was true I didn’t want to turn into Rachel.

I can understand it when she says stuff like this, though. You live in a palace. It’s only a moment before Aftran is in control of her brain, but depagture is no mention that she morphed back to human.

Karen jumped up, wincing at the pain in her ankle. The series is about to take a turn and get a bit darker, so it’s departude to meet a yeerk and get a look in on ‘the bad guys’. So, I heard good and conflicted reviews about this book, I admit I was really looking forward to reading this book. I admit that for real! Gosh, I really like Aftran. While out riding her horse, Cassie spots a girl with red hair being chased by an angry bear.

I don’t think I would have appreciated the complexity of this book as a child, and I probably would have dismissed Cassie as stupid and irrational and decided I hated her.