Cambridge Core – Sociology: General Interest – An Introduction to Japanese Society – by Yoshio Sugimoto. By these measures, An Introduction to Japanese Society is both much more-one orienting, explicitly aimed at attacking what its author, Yoshio Sugimoto. An Introduction to Japanese Society. Yoshio Sugimoto. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. Office Ladies and Salaried Men: Power, Gender.

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But apart from my suspicions that Rena and I are secretly nerds well, one of us is from ACS I and the other from Hwa Chongit’s probably because we want to learn more about the country we’re living in If you’re curious, Rena borrowed a book on the Ainu and one of the religious practices of Japan.

Collusion and Competition in the Establishment. Japaneseness Ethnicity and Minority Groups. In so doing he challenges the traditional notion that Japan comprises a uniform culture, and draws Here, internationally renowned scholar, Yoshio Sugimoto, writes a sophisticated, yet highly readable and lucid text, using both English and Japanese sources to update and expand upon his original narrative. Minority Groups Ethnicity and Discrimination. Telly Ree rated it really liked it Oct 04, John Ostermiller rated it really liked it Jun 20, This book is definitely a resource and is not the type of book you’d sit down and read from cover to cover.

An Introduction to Japanese Society by Yoshio Sugimoto

I definitely recommend it for people interested in learning about Japan or looking for information about Japan’s political system, minorities, class structure, and more. This is a splendid work by Professor Sugimoto, written in a clear and sober fashion, aiming simply to describe the Japanese society. For instance, it is given that people in many parts of Japan did not have the consciousness that they were Nihonjin.

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Especially good for being contemporary and not relying on mithical accounts of Japan. In that case, the ‘new’ children will grow up with a different mind. Japan’s cultural capitalism; the decline of the conventional Japanese management model; the rise of the ‘socially divided society’ thesis; changes of government; the spread of manga, animation and Japan’s popular culture overseas; and the expansion of civil society in Japan.

I definitely recommend it introductuon people interested in learning about Jap This book is a great primer on Japanese culture. And when does harmony lead to conformity? Nevertheless, recently, this situation has raised to yodhio new level which even causes discrimination to ‘Gaijin’.

This edition also features the latest research into Japanese society, updated statistical data, and coverage of recent events including the earthquake and tsunami, and the change in government. Victoria Ferauge rated it really liked it Feb 24, Account Options Sign in.

Selected pages Title Page. May 23, Ferpari rated it it was amazing. The Japanese Way of Justice: Cambridge University Press Amazon. Gender Stratification and the Family System. Selected pages Title Page. But university as a four-year-break?

An Introduction to Japanese Society

The Japan Phenomenon and the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press Amazon. For instance, when talking about gender inequality, he didn’t really point out the problem of the Japanese society itself causing this situation. Still, this reading is suitable for college-level learning about Japanese society although I wouldn’t recommend this one. This is a really common type of Japanese family. Forms of Work in Cultural Capitalism – probably the second most interesting chapter and the most relevant one for me.


Books by Yoshio Sugimoto. Prosecuting Crime in Japan David T.

Jan 26, Armando Bravo salcido rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a bit dry at times though, so be warned! But I think that the look into Japanese Business Management wasn’t deep enough, but then again, this isn’t a Business Administration textbook. Thanks for telling us about the problem. If I didn’t have to read it for a class I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, japanesd I’m glad I had the chance!

Forms of Work in Cultural Sugimmoto.

Account Options Sign in. One last thing, I would be happy if somehow, the author just admits that the Japanese culture is actually based on the Chinese one.

Collusion and Competition in the Establishment. Therefore, they cannot be called bilingual. The Japan Phenomenon and the Social Sciences – Basically, the introduction where it tells you what the author doesn’t like about how most people view Japan and how he intends to find a middle ground. Class and Stratification An Overview. Geographical and Generational Variations.