provide extensive information about AMEDDC&S Pam (). AMEDDC&S Pamphlet No TRAINING The Expert Field Medical Badge ( EFMB) Test THIS PUBLICATION IS FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. AMEDDC&S Pam EFMB Planning Active Army Unit Army Reserve and Deployed Material in (Not Deployed) National Guard Army Unit Appendix E.

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Ensure that the ties of additional dressings are not tied over each other. Candidate helps Buddy remove his or her rubber gloves and drops the gloves onto the contaminated ground so that the Buddy does not touch the outside of the rubber gloves with his or her bare hands.

Lift out the extractor and spring, taking care so that the spring does not separate from the extractor. If in doubt as to the severity of the injury, place the casualty in one of the other categories. Cont W – Contused wound. Camouflage your personal equipment.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Write in the time and date of the casualty’s arrival. Slide the bolt carrier ajeddc&s the upper receiver. Aid bag packing list. When testing the tasks involving the protective mask, if at all possible, all candidates should be tested on the same type of mask. The following references are used to derive the WT questions: Given a conscious casualty with a suspected fracture of the arm and the necessary materials to treat the casualty.


Remove the protective cover from the needle adapter on the tubing. Plot all five points on the map. Insert the spike into the container. In an emergency, any airtight material may be used. Push until the rear of the slide is a short distance beyond the rear of the receiver assembly and hold. Prioritize, load, and secure three casualties onto a UH helicopter within 20 minutes, in amesdc&s proper sequence, without causing further injury to the casualties.

Position the tourniquet inches above the edge of the wound but not on a joint. FCC – Fracture compound open comminuted. Test-scoring keys are not stored with the test booklets and blank answer sheets.

Record the dose of tetanus administered and the time it was administered. Candidate loosens Buddy’s overboot strings. Monitored the casualty every minutes. Removed all obstacles and debris and marked obstructions that could not be removed.

Clear, disassemble, and assemble an Mseries rifle so that it functions correctly within 4 minutes. Ammeddc&s unable to make determination, report activity as unknown.



Candidate tells Buddy to make a fist. The test board chairperson will determine the actual start time based on local conditions. Complete, as a minimum, blocks 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 11 for each casualty. Clamp the tubing 6 to 8 inches below the drip chamber.

Camouflaged uniform and helmet. Performed a rapid trauma assessment or focused assessment on all casualties.

AMEDDC&S Pam 350-10 Training Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) Test

Depress the slide stop. At a minimum, the emergency medical treatment task evaluators must be awardees of the EFMB. You and three noncandidate soldiers will form a litter squad, with you serving as the number 1 person to load the casualties.