Complete summary of Alejo Carpentier’s The Lost Steps. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Lost Steps. The Lost Steps was first published as Los pasos perdidos in Mexico in It was written whilst Alejo Carpentier was living in Caracas. The Lost Steps, by Alejo Carpentier. I discovered this book on the office charity table and picked it up for a dollar. I had only heard of Carpentier.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This is one of the stpes extraordinary books I’ve ever read. Could be somewhat difficult to obtain a copy. Los pasos perdidos es un libro complejo, lleno de matices.

University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. There os an excursion to an abandoned mission on an island, where they meet a crazy herbalist and there are tales of El Sgeps and ancient mythologies.

But these aren’t crazy illusions, they are common ones, about civilization, nature, modernity vs. What are these preoccupations? It was a spurting of words, poetic and skilled as they were singly.

The Lost Steps

Carpentier has a good sense of how to construct and pace a novel, but he has little narrative talent. It feels a bit like you’re in a jungle and the words are vines climbing up your leg. Carpentier at Wikipedia Background, biography, magical realism, major works, literary style, further reading. Return to Book Page. Descriptions that, in my opinion, could have been made in a paragraph or two were drawn out over pages and pages, and I often found myself losing focus before reaching the end of a passage.


I personally did not enjoy The Lost Steps. I did enjoy the protagonists search for identity which I was able to relate to.

Alejo Carpentier, The Lost Steps, Reading Guide #3, FL

Extreme verbosity of every sentence; that I could not take. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I also liked the I personally did not enjoy The Lost Steps.

The protagonist is insatiable to a fault; I can understand wanting to escape the city in favor of returning to one’s roots, but nothing is ever enough for him, and it becomes harder and harder to tolerate the character as he refuses to be grateful for anything or anyone. When I spoke to people, no-one had heard of The Lost Steps or the author. He died in Paris in and was buried in Havana.

None amounted to a person or a concise mission I enjoyed following, nor any satisfying thread. Nevermind the fact that he’s a bona-fide sack of shit. Except for one scene where mosquitoes sort of formed a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, and his mistress being stricken with malaria, no mention is made of the horrors of mosquito bites. He is besieged carpentieg the hotel, which is invaded by insects. Do not feel any obligation to link back — like I said, we’re lot even up and running yet.

They reach horse-rearing lands, and then visit the City of Ruins. It was too late when I rooted for him; thereafter let down by a story dangling bleakly. Esa parece ser la pregunta central en torno a la cual se construye esta novela.


Nevertheless I enjoyed it. I’m hoping to launch a reading-focused blog soon The Lost Steps is our first book to tackle and I plan to direct readers to your site if they seek a different prospective. I’m sick of novels always having to be plot led and prefer character and theme led books. Carpentier worked for a while in an advertising agency; he had studied music; and xteps living in Latin-America he had made a number of excursions into jungle regions as part of musicological research.

I read this book several years ago, picking it up in a second hand book shop. His major works deal with the impact of European carpentieg in the Latin-American region carprntier The Kingdom of This World covers the first successful slave revolution in San Domingo Haiti and El siglo de las luces Explosion in a Cathedral deals with the consequences of the French Revolution in the Caribbean and South America.

He can be despicable at times, and selfish and unfair, and though he doesn’t see these aspects in himself, I think the author intended for them to be apparent to the reader. Maybe people writing prose out of an essentially Christian imagination have a mindset that I just cannot connect with.

Indeed, there is much in common between the unnamed narrator and Carpentier. llost