(1) Likums nosaka lietotāju, elektronisko sakaru komersantu, privāto . ierobežojumus un izmantošanas kārtību nosaka Aizsargjoslu likums. Aizsargjoslu likums [online ] ?id= 3. Autoceļu aizsargjoslu noteikšanas metodika [online ]. 14) without exceeding the existing scale of construction (Aizsargjoslu likums, within the territorial local government spatial plan (Aizsargjoslu likums,

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Environmental protection requirements laid down in the technical regulations shall be bound by a person who performs the operation.

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Appeal possibilities administrative procedure. In addition, gender-specific Latvian nouns have been translated as gender-neutral terms, e. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The original Latvian text uses masculine pronouns in the singular.

Aizsargjoslu likums

The expenses connected with demolition shall be covered by the owner or legal possessor of the fence. The Law on Forests shall prescribe the restrictions in the protection zones around the marshes as wetlands. Translated using machine translation service Hugo.

The English language text below is provided by the Translation and Terminology Centre for information only; it confers no rights and imposes no obligations separate from those conferred or imposed by the legislation formally adopted and published.

Cancel or change this option is only possible in this window. Appeal possibilities administrative procedure.

Information about service restored: More information in the main language. Translated using machine translation service Hugo.


If the protection zone protection strip around a cultural monument aizsaegjoslu not especially specified, the minimum width thereof shall be the following:.

In the case of prevention of an accident or liquidation of the consequences thereof, the owner of the object has the right, before taking out a certification, to fell certain trees along the electricity network and overhead lines of telecommunications and likmus cut branches, which disturb or actually endanger normal operation of these lines, notifying the State Forestry Service in advance.

If a whole section, paragraph or clause has been deleted, the date of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted section, paragraph or clause. If groundwater is utilised as a centralised water-supply unprotected from surface pollution infiltration horizon, including the method of artificial supplementation of stocks of underground water, the following restrictions referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Section shall be observed.

If the protection zone is likujs than 50 aizsargjoelu, clear-cut shall be prohibited in the entire width of the protection zone.

Follow and ask us Twitter Facebook portals vraa. Go to home page State service portal. Restrictions in the Protection Zones along Heating Networks.

The territorial local government shall determine the specially marked places where driving with jet-skis is allowed. Please select the desired area: The following restrictions shall be specified in addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 of this Law in protection zones around technical means of navigation:.

EUR-Lex – LLVA_ – EN – EUR-Lex

The expenses connected with the relevant activities shall be covered by the legal or natural person or on the basis of mutual agreement – by the owner of the object. Please choose your preferred aizxargjoslu The restrictions of property rights, if the protection zone is located on a parcel of land area currently owned, shall be written in the Land Register in accordance akzsargjoslu the procedures specified by law.


In addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 of this Law, in protection zones around animal graveyards it is prohibited to perform works, which may cause flooding and an increase of the ground water level. In our portal we are using cookies. If necessary, protection zones shall be marked on site using special signs specified in the aisargjoslu for the specification of protection zones.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Information about service restored: The landowner has the right to compensation for losses if any have arisen due to the specification of the limitation. In addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 likumw this Law, the following restrictions shall be specified for protection zones likumx water-supply points:.

If a whole or part of a section has been amended, the date of the amending law appears in square brackets at the end of the section.