Hesketh Prichard, Writer: Don Q Son of Zorro. Other Works: Novel (as Vernon Hesketh Prichard): “November Joe, Detective of the Woods”. See more». Edit. Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard (assistant zoologist, British Antarctic Expedition. Hesketh-Prichard was a hunter, explorer, cricketer, author and soldier. As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: his most famous.

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The sights had been issued without instruction, were often handed hessketh as trench-stores, and were served out by quartermaster-sergeants who very often looked on them as egregious fads.

At Authie we at once settled down to work ; the officers going through a course which need not be detailed here. He spent the sea-time on the trip writing or planning plots. My aim has always been to work in with battalions.

Additional finding aids are available at the Institute. The plateau on which the range is situated is of considerable extent, and upon its slopes it was July bloomed heather and gorse. But the Loamshire sniping section is a pitiable affair. Evidently my first essay had attracted attention, for two German snipers at once began firing at me from the right flank. Things, in fact, were going very well indeed for the work which one hoped would soon spread through the whole B.

He was supposed to live in a pollarded willow, one of a row not very far from Jacob’s Ladder, which will be remembered by all who were on that front in The Brick-stacks made ideal sniping-posts, and there were many other points of vantage which were very much in their favour. I found an officer who had been through the course at the First Army School to take his place, and at the same time it became necessary to find a Commandant for the 1st Corps Sniping School.

As I think of sniping all day and often dream about it at night, I could write you a lot more on the subject, of which I have only touched the fringes. At the physical training and ju-jitsu, which they had almost every day, they were really young terrors. The idea now was to invent various ways in which to induce them to give a target, and the final period came at a much later date, when great battles were being fought, and the work of sniping was beginning to merge into that of scouting, and snipers were- being trained in great numbers to deal with the new situations that were arising every day as the Germans altered their tactical plans of defence.


This teaches thoroughness of search. He was, I believe, the only officer who was habitually successful in catching trout in the French streams. It is very important that he should be thoroughly knowledgeable, because a rifle barrel must not have too many shots fired through it.

I have said nothing of piercing and blowing in German plates with heavy and. One of the most important points was to obtain specimens of each issue of their steel plates, in order to experiment on them with all kinds of bullets. I lectured there on sniping and started a range and demonstrations, but I found myself lecturing to Company Commanders, whereas I ought to have been doing so to sniping officers, in order to get the best results.

He is the real thing, and he dreams of his job in the night. In my experience of sniping officers in France, two are outstanding, and he was one of them.

If you pack in the rifle on to a bed of sandbags so that the pointer of the telescopic sight rests just under the place where the Hun pops up, it is possible to take aim and fire the rifle in from two to four seconds. Gray, Armourer Staff-Sergeant Carr, Private Fen-some an extremely capable and skilled carpentermyself and two batmen. It was also possible, by showing very skilfully the heads of Sikhs or Ghurkas in different parts of the line, to give the German Intelligence the impression that we were holding our line with Indian troops, and I have no doubt they were considerably worried to account for these movements.

We then passed through the old town by the Cathedral. Our establishment was still only a tentative one, and it was not until some months later that we were allowed the two extra officers and four extra N.

With this method of concealment Hesketh was able to prevent many causulties and deaths. I think in these early days that I was exceedingly fortunate in having something definite to show. As evening fell, we went out of the trenches without having pricchard, as soon after our arrival the bombardment had ceased, and Little Willie never gave a good target, and the bearded man had disappeared.



Our telescopic sights magnify about 3J and one can often make a successful shot by shooting prichxrd inches or a foot left or right, or above or below a white stone or some prominent object in the opposing parapet, even when you cannot define the Hun’s head very clearly through the sight.

Captain Kendall was a trained surveyor, and an artist of no ordinary merit.

Which led him to improving the quality of marksmanship of the soldiers. The mere fact that he was a King’s Prizeman and perhaps the best shot and the most capable sniper in the B. Gathorne-Hardy, an experienced shot, and skilled user of the telescope, who had been many shooting trips in different parts of the world with me and others.

Pricharr also went to the Indian Cavalry Divisions.

First World – Who’s Who – Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard

In fact if the drainpipe is hesekth in low in the parapet, the brave Hun has to come clean over the top of his own parapet to shoot down it at all. Many of our units took an actual pride in having an absolutely flat and even parapet, which gave the Germans every opportunity of spotting the smallest movement.

I therefore left the Third Army area and went by rail to Aire-sur-Lys, in prichhard to report to First Army Headquarters, which was situated in that town. Accruals Further accessions possible.

Whatever conundrum was brought up by officers—and a great many were brought up—Kendall, in his own department, was certainly unassailable.

Inwriting on his own, Hesketh-Prichard created the crime-fighting figure November Joea hunter and backwoodsman from the Canadian wilderness. The regulation issue of the latter was at the time, I think, about eight telescopes per battalion, and these were used by the Signallers, but Lord Roberts’ Fund, administered with extraordinary energy by Mr.