The Atonement Child is a novel by the American author Francine Rivers. It deals with the themes of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Francine Rivers writes from the heart with stories that both challenge and reflect our faith. Reading her novel The Atonement Child helped. TBNG Review: Dynah is engaged to one of the most esteemed students at her Christian university, on the cusp of the dawn of a wonderful life.

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Maybe there are real people who feel that way, but it was extremely obvious that Rivers wasn’t interested in telling a story about sexual violence and healing. Yes, it’s a rather deep subject to write on – abortion and rape, atonemenr the book opened my eyes to the reality of some womens’ lives, but I’m sure it could’ve been dealt with better.

Seriously, “Will you marry me?

cgild Marika Because I absolutley loved Rivers’s Mark of the Lion series and Redeeming Love and consider them some of my favorite books of all time I was very disapointed when I finished this book. Normally the omission of options would not be criteria for ranking a book but it is clear the author is using the story as a means of helping girls in this situation and I applaud her for doing so.

Dean Abernathy is so typical of atonemment I know, primarily men, who love the fetus but not the child–and certainly not the mother. Beyond that, there were just a lot of loose ends. This book makes you think deep. I am however not too fond of fiction that has undertones. Without revealing spoilers I was very disapointed with an ending I felt was rushed and forced and there were certain plot points that I found completely unrealistic.

Francine Rivers masterfully and sensitively examines the topic from just about every possible angle. Rivers drops her standards.

The Atonement Child

Anyway, I love this book. I’m glad that the author didn’t make all the Christians “good guys” and the non-Christians “bad guys”. This is probably one of my favorites books that I have read! This book could have been so awesome if the author told a story instead of pushed an agenda. It was on a cold January night when the unthinkable, unpardonable happened. They got caught up in it, pressing and pushing until they forgot whom it was they were trying to please.


The beginning of the book seemed to explain that she lived a life under rather extreme protection, no problems and issues through her 18 years of life before the rape From toshe had a successful writing career in the general market and her books won numerous awards. If you are pro choice, you will either feel that this book is an attack on your beliefs, however, I am sure that Rivers prayer that is God will grip the hearts of those that read this and see the truth of abortion.

Her writing flows beautifully, her dialogues are well written and keep you reading, plot, romance, love, forgiveness, God’s wisdom is all wrapped up in her books. Francine Rivers captivated my heart with yet another beautiful story that perfectly depicts the gospel.

She also learns that atonemeny grandmother was forced to have an abortion for “health reasons”. Dynah is heading for the American Christian dream–pretty, popular, doing well at school, prospective pastor boyfriend etc. New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers continues to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe.

Let’s face it, Francine has atonemebt gift for writing. Although the rape itself is not detailed, some details of the abortion procedures are mentioned. View all 3 comments. To ask other readers questions about The Atonement Childplease sign up. That He crancine redeem any situation and bring peace to those that believe it is impossible.

While most of her books have a clear evangelical message only bordering on “preachy,” this one was blatant in its aims. I note that some readers felt that the psychological trauma of the rape itself had not been considered and that the story followed a kind-of predictable happy-ever-after pattern.


Her family is torn apart and her Especially as a Christian.

The Atonement Child – Wikipedia

Veronica This is a special book with a special story of redemption and healing. And because of this, I felt I couldn’t really relate to Dynah. Return to Book Page. Sep 26, Samantha Tankersley rated it did not like it. I appreciate that this book delves into the controversial moral and intimate subject of abortion. This book I had mixed feelings towards as I read it. Some times it’s so hard to follow God’s word, to Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: One might assu I’m impressed that a popular Christian author would be bold enough to write about a subject like this.

Rivers is capable of churning out some Since this book was a Christian novel about an unwanted pregnancy, one would also expect a strong anti-abortion message, but one also would expect a novel. Then the unthinkable happens: This touched my heart in so many ways.

To me, an author, or any kind of Christian artist should make people ask questions, think about things in a different way. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I really really, really do recommend that you pick up fancine beautiful work and prepare to see how this story starts and how it ends.


As her pro-life fiance suddenly finds abortion acceptable, and her pro-life school informs her that she will be expelled unless her pregnancy disappears, she is forced to wonder about their views of the world, what God has said in the Bible, and of her own unsteady atinement views. Feb 16, Lisa at Farm Fresh Adventures rated it it was amazing. What a deep read!