You Searched For: drunvalo melchizedek (author/artist etc.) Edit Your Search .. Aus dem Herzen leben. Verständigung ohne Worte. Update on the Fourth Dimensional Shift and the Translation Period. In the Flower of Life workshops as far back as , we discussed what. Presenting the life work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in a small class setting. wir die Blume des Lebens in uns zum Erblühen und öffnen unsere Herzen für die Wahrheit, Unser Leben darf sich transformieren und mit Schönheit, Harmonie und.

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I felt safe upon meeting him. From there on out, everything you do to physically prepare on earth will be of no use to you in your new world. People will be everywhere walking around with guns freaked out and dangerous. At the moment another huge piece is about to break off. Exactly what no drunvslo knows. Then the SOHO satellite was launched to study the sun for a two year period.

Pole Shift Update by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Possibly as early as the end of July but definitely before hezren end of the year. There are three volcanoes going off under the ice cap. Let God guide the way. The purpose of life at this stage of growth is to move consciously into the next world, the fourth dimension.

The session was absolutely amazing. All airlines, trains, buses, etc.


Last year the biggest piece of ice ever known broke off, about square miles of ice. But I believe it will happen someday in the near future. melchizrdek

I believe now that you will only need about six months of supplies. I have never given a warning before, but it now looks to me like it may really be coming soon. Popocatepetl about 40 miles SE of Mexico City has been erupting for over a year now, and the ground in the surrounding area is becoming very hot.

She is also educated as a Nutrition and Health Consultant, studied for four years with a shamanic lineage from Mexico, is an Akashic Record Reader and Tantric Journey practitioner. I experienced a beautiful journey and whole-heartedly recommend her. If you have thought about forming a community in nature somewhere especially where you can grow food this may be the time.

His studio is modern, lebehand impeccably clean.

This is the meaning of free will. David Suzuki and another scientist went on Australian television and made a daring statement. Sign up to newsletters. I very much enjoyed my session with Puria. Ich stehe Dir yerzen gerne zur Seite.

What is being said here is that the entire coastline from Guatemala to Washington State is becoming dangerously close to some kind of major reaction. Where should I start She is loving and was careful to understand my needs.

Filter your search Filter by categories. This time period traditionally, lebe the universe, has been about three months to two years directly prior to the actual poles of the planet shifting. Vivendo en el Corazon Drunvalo Melchizedek.


Aus dem Herzen leben: Herz-Meditation. Meditations-CD. – Drunvalo Melchizedek – Google Books

Uerzen experience, thank you. This cycle has continued for a very long time, but now that is changing. Hier wird nach Prinzipien der Permakultur, Achtsamkeit und Einfachheitgelebt. He said that he would send me the proof of what he was about to tell me. According to Russia, it is now at about 13 hertz herzwn still climbing. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. El secreto ancestral de la flor de la vida 2: My session with her dissolved a strong tension pain in my abdomen that I had been experiencing for a month, so I was very relieved.

What can they say? Puria has a deep facility as a healer and inetgrates it seamlessly into this approach. The South Pole is melting. If we are entering this period, we will now have to lenen at least internally if not externally. The United States only has a 30 day supply of food, so after melhcizedek one month or less, people will be without food and will do anything to get it.