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Hot-rolled products in weldable fine grain structural steels; part 2: delivery conditions for normalized/normalized rolled steels; German version EN Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DINWelding of reinforcing steel – Part 1: Execution of welding operations (FOREIGN STANDARD)-This standard deals with the requirement for .

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In the case 4099- a column being hinged at both ends, l crit shall be equal to If a drawing is subsequently altered, all drawings affected shall be amended correspondingly.

This is taken into account by use of the following design values: Maximum longitudinal and transverse spacing of hangers and shear assemblies. In this standard, application rules are shaded grey to distinguish them from principles.

Theoretical limiting values relating to the durability of a structure are binding, the theoretical limiting values relating to its serviceability are 0499-1 as guidance values. Page 63 DIN The depth of the compression zone, x, shall be determined on the basis of the design values of the actions and the material properties.

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The values given in table 7 may be used as an approximation. Ratio of bond dln of prestressing 4099-1 and reinforcing steel. This strain shall be determined taking structural deformations into account. If the member bracing the compression member forms part of a structure of the type shown in figure 11 bit shall be checked whether the assumption of an inclination of the structure including members with and without a bracing function to the target axis as specified in subclause 7.


Permitted welding processes, joints and applications 1 Type of loading Welding process, with reference number from DIN EN ISO 1 2 Flash welding Manual metal-arc welding Self-shielded tubular cored arc welding Predominately static Metal active gas welding b 24 Friction welding Spot welding Flash welding Not predominately static Manual metal-arc welding Metal active gas welding 42 21 24 2 3 Type of joint and application Tension bars a Butt joints Butt joints where d s? Stress-strain curve of prestressing steel for global analysis 40999-1 It may generally be assumed that post-tensioned members and unbonded tendons are of high ductility and pre-tensioned members are of normal ductility.

Connection of flange and web. Where bonding conditions are moderate cf. For dated references, subsequent amendment to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision.

Page 16 DIN Characteristic values of strength and strain for lightweight concrete. Minimum concrete cover 409-91 corrosion protection and tolerance on concrete cover.

CONNIE: SI: Regulations directory : DIN

Arrangement of punching shear reinforcement. It contains provisions relating to design and construction that deviate from ENVand includes provisions from national standards superseded by this standard, where this has proved necessary to ensure the loadbearing capacity, serviceability and durability of members designed and constructed according to this standard.


Partial safety factors to determine the resistance at ultimate limit state 1 Design situation concrete, g ca b 1 2 3 a 2 Partial safety factor for reinforcing or prestressing steel, gs or gs,fat 1,15 1,05 1,15 3 system resistance, gR Permanent and temporary Accidental Fatigue analysis as in subclause 10 1,5 1,3 1,5 See subclause 8.

Critical section around loaded areas located away from an unsupported edge. Page 54 DIN The loadbearing capacity and the serviceability of the structure and its members shall be set out in a clear and easily verifiable manner. Edge reinforcement at the free edges of slabs. Moments in action where item 1 is applicable; Moments in action where item 2 is applicable.

Equation 62 shall apply for values of ec not dim than zero and not less than e c1u, with ec1u being the compressive strain on reaching the limits of strength see table 9 or Lap joints of welded reinforcing fabric example. Minimum top reinforcement in prestressed members. Effective web width of T-beams of variable depth 5 In the zone over which concentrated axial forces spread, the effective width may be determined by elastic theory. This standard is 40999-1 included in any packages.

Page 20 DIN Effective span of a beam or slab. Minimum lap lengths of transverse bars.