CRAIN’S PETROPHYSICAL COURSES ARE BACK!! We are pleased to. INTEGRATED PETROPHYSICS Petrophysics is the study of the physical and. To Order eBook Reference Manuals with Exercises Click “Course Details”.

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Wish I had found it earlier. Whenever I sit down at my computer desk, It makes me feel like a big shot, reading all the petrophysicist stuff in your site. Thanks kindly for the resources. I think a lot of authors just get so good at a topic that they make assumptions that one thing or another is obvious.

First of all, I must thank you for your petrophysical handbook on-line, it is very useful for all students and petrophysicist. I found a lot of useful information and this helped me in work and in personal development.

I am a chemical engineer that has been in the oil patch for 25 years. By profession I’m Petrophysicist. Thanks for this service and contribution to spread knowledge. Everyone really got a lot out of your course and I even overheard the engineers saying they would like to get you back next year to teach the rest of their group. Some concepts are, after you have seen and applied them a few times. It is exactly what I needed to get in gear.

I like how user-friendly it is and the explanations are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. My professor uses animated power point slides that are neat in class, but fall short when you need to study and the animations no longer work hanebook pdf format…. It has been very helpful to myself and and many others.


I read some chapter of your book and it help me alot. Your website solidified my knowledge on many petrophysical concepts, including shaly sand phie and sw. Peyrophysical, Texas “I have gone through some of your publications and materials published.

I wish I’d had access to something so concise when I started in this game. Thanks again for your leadership in this area. I am really impressed with the Handbook. When I wasn’t delegating tasks for my teammates, I was in charge of petrophysics and volumetrics. I was looking for conversion of Water Salinity to resistivity and found it on your page https: You have done a tremendous job by displaying your book online cost free. I went from being frustrated with Formation Evaluation to it being fun after looking at just a few of your topics.

Crain’s Personal Pages – Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook

My name is Fatima and I’m work in an oil company. Thank you for making our world pftrophysical better place. M, Texas “I would like to say that I enjoy your website. Pittsburgh “I so appreciate Petrophysical Pocket Pal because of how much I am learning from you about logs. The Handbook is still unique in its broad coverage of petrophysics and its easy access to geoscientists around the world.

O, Nigeria “Your original textbook made my career! It is a very nice piece of work and probably the most comprehensive and readily accessible reference on logging, etc. Thank you as I pray for your prolonged stay on craln such that your contributions will keep touching lives in this domain of geoscientists.

Now I love this course. G, Houston “I was impressed with how succinct and well organized your information and the theory was put together. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and taking the time to explain every aspect of Formation Evaluation so clearly from “In the beginning”. I’ve been referring to your website for a couple of months now and it proved to be very informative and helpful.


I am reservoir geologist working in Algeria. Texas “Your website is like the Smithsonian Library of well log information.

By the time they were gone, the material, and a lot more, was up on the Internet. And currently there are list of coming webinar lectures provided.

Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook

D, Montana “Your educational material is outstanding. I cannot say enough times “Thank you! Lots of good stuff that I needed.

Thank you for putting that treasure knowledge together and making it accessible. Your data, and calculations will be the last chapter in my Bsc thesis and of course I will refer you. D, India “I handbook used your site a number of times, the Pocket Pal is very useful, especially for quick lookup when I am working on a logging problem. The organization of the book was unconventional — the chapters were arrangwd in the order that the results could be calculated, instead of the usual historical, tool-based, order.

T, Texas “Thank you for the extremely easy way of ordering the CD. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I congratulate you on your bold step – best of luck. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge. May God bless you with best health.