In this book, “Goblet of the Truth”, the true prophet of the new time, “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM, is once again providing the human beings of. Goblet of the Truth Author:Billy Eduard Albert Meier Publisher:FIGU- Landesgruppe Canada Publish Date Language: Bilingual: German and English. Goblet of the Truth. FIGU Spiritual Teaching Goblet of the Truth . Viewpoints about the person Billy Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM ยท Why the Human.

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Goblet of Truth

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Goblet of the Truth

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Buy in this Format. On a mission – from the depths of space – one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, ancient secrets to the people of Earth.

Goblet of the Truth – Billy Meier | Billy Books

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Goblet of the Truth

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