BEERY VMI Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration– Sixth Edition Starter Kit Ages: 2 through Testing Time: Purpose. The Beery-Buktenica Test, also known as Developmental Test of Visual -Motor Integration or VMI, is designed to identify deficits in visual perception. Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration – 6 (VMI-6) (Beery VMI). Authors: Keith E. Beery, PhD / Norman A. Buktenica / Natasha A. Beery, MS.

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Paired and independent-samples t tests were used to analyze group differences. The manual also presents teaching suggestions. Inntegration administration is recommended for the supplemental tests.

It can also be used for the evaluation of motor skills such as handwriting. Spatial skills —The ability to locate objects in a three-dimensional world using sight or touch.

A Short Form, composed of 15 drawings, is often used with 2- to 8-year-old children. The item Short Form was used in this study because it is designed for beery-buktenkca with children ages 2—7 yr.

Adult norms are also included for age 19 and above, but were not updated in this most recent edition. Order by Product Number.

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The correlational research has strong evidence demonstrating moderate relationships between the VMI and handwriting measures Barnhardt et al. Scoring guidelines are provided in the manual Reismann, Interrater reliability ranges from. Internationally respected and backed by decades of research and clinical use, the Beery VMInow in its sixth editionoffers a convenient and economical way to screen for visual-motor, neuropsychological, and behavior problems.


Visual-motor integration or VMI can be evaluated as a factor in child development by providing the child with geometric designs ranging from simple line drawings to more complex figures and asking that the designs be copied.

The Beery VMI was standardized on a national sample of 1, individuals age 2 to 18 years and 1, adults agesand has proven reliability and validity. A statistical comparison of results from all three tests can be quickly and visual-motro made on the graphic profile provided in the test booklets.

Beery-Buktenica Test – average, Definition, Purpose, Description, Risks, Normal results

Enter the product number catalog code or ISBN number and select the quantity you wish to purchase. The Beery-Buktenica test is usually administered individually but can also be given in groups. Occupational and Physical Therapy. Remember me on this computer.

Developmental delay may indicate a problem in development of the central nervous system. Includes Questionnaire and Evaluation Form.

In addition, the Manual includes approximately age-specific norms, from birth through age 6. It also includes visual construction tests.

Copy of The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test by J Brunner on Prezi

A search for underlying mechanisms. A laminated, full-color wall chart showing basic developmental “Stepping Stones. Most shapes in the VMI, after the triangle, are unique, complex, and novel. After 7 mo of occupational therapy intervention, children with disabilities showed significant improvements in fine motor skills, pencil grip, and literacy test scores; however, improvements in VMI scores were not statistically significant in this group Bazyk et al. It identifies problems with visual perception, motor coordination, and visual-motor integration such as hand-eye coordination.


Positive means indicate increases in scores over time, whereas negative means indicate decreases in scores. The Short Format and Full Format tests present drawings of geometric forms arranged in order of increasing difficulty that the individual is asked to copy.

How to Use This Test The Beery VMI can be used by psychologists, learning disability specialists, school counselors, teachers, and other professionals to help:. Stepping Stones Parent Checklist 25 “”addtocartitemid”: Occupational therapy practitioners in both school-based and private practice commonly implement handwriting interventions and programs to improve participation and occupational performance in school and community environments.

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They have proven useful in helping parents understand their child’s current level of development. My Book of Letters and Numbers – Provides exercises for use with students in the second semester of kindergarten.