Seven great Herdstones stand hidden in the forests surrounding the city of Mordheim. From there the Beastmen warbands come to raid the city: Warherd of . Hey folks, after not playing any miniature games in years, I’m about to start playing Mordheim. As a warband I chose, of course, the Beastmen. Chaos Beastmen. Ok I changed this one a bit – I got rid of the Centigor – which I have been chatting with someone who asked why – it was.

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I have also used some metal figures.

Beastmen numbers are greatest throughout the Chaos Wastes of the north and south polar regions. These fierce warriors may even be granted the notice of the Dark Gods, these favored warriors are marked by their dark masters, and wear these sacred marking of badges of their fighting prowess. They are angry and spiteful of this so are ready to thrust pain and suffering on others for the pain forced on them by the Gors. The target is knocked down but cannot use the jump up skill.

The maximum number of warriors in the warband is Starting with only 4 heroes is a small price to pay in the end.

And then the Bestigors The gory shield The minotaur And lastly all of the together Next up will be the shaman and a couple of gor henchmen, and then I’ll have the band ready to go.

Saturday, 30 June Mordheim – Beastman Warband. The low leadership 7 makes it easier for your Beastmen warband to route, but there is a way around that with the Beastman special skill “Bellowing Roar”, which allows you to re-roll any fails route tests.


The model is immune to Psychology, attacks in Initiative order when charged and, mordheik on the Leader may re-roll the first failed Rout Test.

Shamans are very special Beastmen morxheim are revered by all Beastmen, for they are the prophets and servants of Chaos Powers. Your warband may include up to 4 Warhounds of Chaos.

A Wargor is the strongest mlrdheim, most brutal warrior of his tribe. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The warrior has hatred of all human models. Unlike other magics, Tzeentch magic has 7 spells instead of 6.

Mordheim – Beastmen

Bestigors start with 8 experience. The Warrior is a Wizard and follows the rules for a Wizard. After the attack, the model reverts to normal if he survives. Models immune to Psychology cannot be affected. At times of war he and other Wargors join forces to form massive armies, but they must fend for themselves the rest of the time.

A throwing spear is a thrown weapon and so does not receive a —1 penalty for moving and shooting. Get in fast and hard as you’ve got nothing to shoot back with. Never played mordheim before so be as basic as you like, don’t presume I’ll know something.

Beastman Warband | Mordheim Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The movement of your warriors is higher to start as well, giving you a greater advantage for charging, and or trying to dive in and out of cover while playing a shooting army. In the future I want to bsastmen another warhound and ungor, and four additional gors.

The Beastman warband must include at least 3 models. MasterSpark Mordehim Staff member. Joined Jan 14, Messages I also checked that ‘Empire in Flames’ thing – I didn’t know Mordheim without the city even existed Much more my thing.



When rolling for injury on the henchman chart only a roll of 1 will kill him, on roll of he sustains no injuries.

With the Hero units bringing strength and toughness to the table most starting warbands dont have. The model is subject to frenzy and has a save vs. They are most numerous in the north, such as in the dark forests that cover the Empire and the harsh wilderness of Kislev.

Nice touch with the gory shield too. He may immediately gain 1 spell from the Tzeentch spell list in the normal way. Loving the skin colour as well they really make the colour scheme pop. At the very least, get behind some partial cover so you can get the cover bonus and make your guys harder to hit.

At the moment I have only painted one ungor well, my brother did when he was trying to teach me. Bellowing Roar is a great skill for your Leader because it lets you re-roll any failed Rout test and trust me, you’ll be taking a bunch of them as a Beastmen player. Playing to your stengths as a combat heavy warband will drasticly increase your chances of bringing a victory home.

While most Beastmen have dark brown skin and fur, black-furred or even albino Beastmen are not unknown.