On 29 February , Francie Crebs (FC) met with renowned Tantra scholar André Padoux (AP) in his Paris apartment. Over tea, they discussed his long career. This accessible volume on Tantra written by a widely esteemed doyen of the field of Tantric studies offers a concise, readable overview of a. Andre Padoux opens by detailing the history of Tantra, beginning with its origins, founding texts, and major beliefs. The second part of the book delves more.

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That is not the case.

Not through my official directors. While I held this job, where the workload was substantial—there were only two of us with two Padou secretaries and two errand-runners…—I met Lilian Silburnwho had come to India for the xndre time in and met her guru at the end of Pdoux war had already started then.

He also describes how the universe is created out of the letters of the alphabet. Outside the USA, see our international sales information. As for my own role in the writing, I did the introduction to the first volume, in which I tried to give a definition of Tantrism and presented our program, and I wrote many more entries than I did for the other volumes, where my participation waned a bit.

Interview with André Padoux – ceias-newsletter

Hope Draped in Black: It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. A History of Judaism.


Instead I had to go to the Chantiers de Jeunessein the Vercors region, at the foot of the Mont Aiguille, a very beautiful area. The entire edifice of knowledge is without a foundation.

Back then, the conferences were annual, then they switched to biannual. But also that to understand these texts, study them, one had to know Sanskrit. Then the Austrians decided they had to reduce spending just like the rest of us, and they stopped paying for the trips. Could you give us an idea of what your dissertation was about and tell us under what conditions you wrote it ajdre defended it?

Similar authors to follow

My leanings were not towards India at andrw. One day we were given leave to go to Grenoble, the closest city, to unwind. It just so happened that, right about that time, I was wondering if Padous would not do a PhD… I talked about it with Lilian, who pwdoux me what in particular interested me.

It stands at the level of spontaneous sound, the phonic aspect of the supreme reality, which is produced without any “striking,” whether of a percussion or from the contact of the respiratory breath with the organs of phonation, and so forth.

This book will be important for me because, in a sense, it sums up everything I have done, said or written on the subject throughout my professional career. So she is the one who lead you to those texts? According to the great Kashmiri Tantric saint, Abhinavagupta, “The power of absolute freedom or autonomy is called A.


Padoux first describes the Vedic origins of these notions, then their development in texts of different tantric traditions.

The Hindu Tantric World

When did you go to India for the first time? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Suzanne Van Englehoven-Wedeking marked it as to-read Jul 21, Milani Mudannayake rated it it was amazing Sep 20, It is the only abdre study in English of notions concerning the Word Vac as these are expounded in the shaiva tantras of Kashmir and in related texts.

Was some fate guiding my hand?

The Hindu Tantric World: An Overview, Padoux

Is that when you decided to switch to research? I abdre towards it, discovering a new world bit by bit… I realized there was more than just Buddhism; there were much more interesting things on the Hindu side, from the Veda to the present.

Citing articles via Google Scholar. Naturally, my wife and our children—with whom she had monumental pillow fights—were immediately taken with her.