the law, Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law,; the regulations, 6 NYCRR Part , to other portions of the Handbook, to Article 8, or to Part 6 NYCRR PART STATE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY REVIEW. Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law. Sections. RE: NO to changes to 6 NYCRR Part I am opposed to changes to 6 NYCRR Part which would move certain Unlisted Actions to Type II.

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Present on Dairy Farms. Small cell towers are an access barrier for the EMS-disabled to their homes and communities. The purpose of the State Environmental Quality Review SEQR Act is to avoid or limit possible negative impacts on the environment from proposed actions such as adopting land use plans, area and use variances, building a housing development or a roadway or filling wetlands.

He is wrong, this proposed rulemaking change is wrong, and the cost of being wrong means life or death for some people and at a minimum a gross deprivation of civil and human rights. Determinations of significance must be based on information provided by the project sponsor in an EAF, other supporting documents and comments from any involved agencies and the public.

Applicants can partially complete an EAF using the EAF Mapper by clicking on this link and entering the project address under Step 1 on the right side of the webpage and following the remaining steps as prompted. Joseph Van Eaton, Esq. Clearing up Confusion on Unwanted Voltages. It is needed more than ever. Discretionary review of these structures should be maintained; this right certainly should not be taken away, and should in fact be mandated via Type 1 given the issues at play.

State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

Base station equipment, replete with radiation warning signs, at the base of a utility pole can be in a park, along a street- anywhere accessible by children. This can only be because they are doing the bidding of industry, which wants what Congress would not give it.


Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Volume 35 4 If the workers are breaching even the inadequate FCC limits, something that is quite possible with such close proximity and colocation, they are being set up for serious health problems. Nyfrr Access Board also recommends meeting people outside to conduct business and the Department of Labor suggests telecommuting where appropriate. Is this just an externality to be borne by the injured and the insurance companies when they do pay out?

NYSDEC, perhaps with the encouragement of industry, proposes to exempt environmental review of any cell transmitter or solar array that is going on any existing structurenot just existing ntcrr with transmitters or solar arrays already on them! More information 6617 the SEQR process can be found here. The FCC emphasized this in nnycrr Public Notice that reiterates that Section a refers to existing cell sites only [2].

There will be an issue with electrolysis that will eventually destroy this type of infrastructure. The SEQR process provides a way for agencies to look closely at the possible environmental impacts of a proposed action. The positive declaration starts the EIS process. Unable to display Facebook posts. Some version nycrrr this travesty is going on in multiple states.

This bill does not comply with ADA. They also cause incorrect reading in the electric watt hour meters because the meters are calibrated for accurate operation at 60 Hertz. Application has bycrr deleted. Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications.

The FCC should not be promoting any rollouts of more transmitters at this time. Solar energy inverters create high frequency transients that are put onto the electrical grid and distributed throughout the electrical service area. The Lead Agency conducting the SEQR review must determine if a mycrr action may or parf not have significant adverse impacts on the environment.

Or, ground-mounted cabinets that impede use of the sidewalk for the handicapped, and present a sight obstruction hazard for drivers backing out of their own driveway.

This bill mandates more public exposure — liability for the state. Certain projects reviewed by the City, such as major site plans and use variances, require the completion of an Environmental Assessment Form EAF.


Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. It is a reality already affecting many Americans today.

Who is watching out for the phone workers, the electric line workers and those serving the 5G unit or smart meter? New Yorkers who have done their research do not consent to this; NYSDEC proposes a policy that will force more of ngcrr transmitters up and strip people like Dr. NYSDEC now has enough information to see the various environmental ramifications of these technologies and thus should not strip the municipalities of their current discretionary review.


The FCC put out a request for comment on standards in They will cause similar issues with electric motors including the ones on household appliances. May 18, TO: Aisry speaks to the industrial character of these small cells which are not minimizing the footprint of cell towers as some people have been lead to believe: There is no checking by the FCC; the industry is left to self-regulate when there is no local oversight.

The results have been published in several, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Power Quality Reference Guide Third ed.

Browse – New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

In cases of colocation on sites with nydrr antennaethere needs to be a proper review conducted to make sure sites are in compliance. Skip to Main Content. Thank you for this disabled accommodation so I can speak. NYSDEC should not strip municipalities and by extension, their citizens of the power of discretionary review.

City Planner Aisry goes on to make these comments about 5G installations effectively being industrial cell towers and not small unobtrusive equipment:.

Impacts must be evaluated for both severity and importance. This figure was discerned 15 years ago prior to the levels created by the rollouts that have ensued since, some of which will be dwarfed by the rollout of 5G.